Uuni 2 Pizza Oven Review

What is a Uuni 2?

Uuni 2 is an affordable, unstable wood-fired pizza oven. It’s large adequate to prepare a pizza (one during a time) and tiny adequate to go from garden to campsite. A crafty new funnel pattern means it cooks improved and smarter than a Kickstarted predecessor.

The oven is fuelled by timber pellets and is prepared to prepare (450°C) after usually 10 minutes. Pizzas take usually 2 mins any to cook… and ambience delicious.

Uuni 2 – Design and Features

Uuni was a Kickstarter success story behind in 2012. This self public wood-fired pizza oven is designed to be portable: not usually from your aged home to your new home yet to a park, campsite or beach.

Uuni 2 improves on a original’s pattern in a series of ways. Most notably, it uses a high funnel to pull atmosphere by a oven instead of a battery-powered fan. The other many manifest alleviation is that a oven now has a immaculate steel finish, not black. It looks superb.

Uuni 2 is powered with timber pellets, that it uses really efficiently. It takes usually 10 mins to feverishness adult to 450°C and can prepare a pizza in 2 minutes. Traditional masonry wood-fired pizza ovens take hours to feverishness up, use most some-more fuel and take adult most some-more garden space.

The pattern is brilliantly engineered and as it’s self public it’s most some-more affordable than opposition wood-fired pizza ovens. Note, though, that it’s usually large adequate to prepare one pizza during a time, since some incomparable ovens can hoop some-more than one and can even be used to bake bread.

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Uuni 2 – What’s it like to use?

Unboxing Uuni 2, you’re immediately struck by a courtesy to detail. The branding is spot-on and as we supplement any square a fad grows. The makers explain that it takes around 15 mins to assemble. The pizza’s so close, we can roughly ambience it…

Its public instructions are really visual, they demeanour like a set of blueprints of a fabricated oven, with numbered fact diagrams during a side. You do these stairs in numerical order.

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Each step is sincerely small, yet perceptive it infrequently takes thought. For example, a integrate of times it’s misleading that approach adult they wish a shaft to go, yet during slightest if we demeanour opposite during a categorical plans design we get a second outlook that helps transparent this up. There’s also no pithy discuss of a fact that we need to flay off a protecting cosmetic film that’s covering all a steel as we go.

There’s no list of a tools we should find in a box, yet willingly a diagrams of a nuts and bolts are life-size so it’s easy to tell that is which. The pack includes all we need, even a tiny tool and conjuration key.

On test, it all slotted together really uniformly with usually a integrate of exceptions. One square of a funnel had been bumped in transit, so it had a hole and a add-on during a finish had to be unbent, and one pre-drilled hole in a steel (for a fuel scoop) was too tiny for a screw and indispensable drilling out before assembly.

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Assembly took over an hour, not a suggested 15 minutes, yet we weren’t rushing. Overall it was fun, not stressful. Something to suffer and get vehement about rather than a tear-your-hair-out Ikea flatpack experience.

You light Uuni 2 by loading a abrade with (food grade) timber pellets and possibly some firelighters or grill lighter fluid. Light it and slip it into a behind of a oven immediately, before a breeze blows out a flames.

Then bucket adult a hopper (tube) above a abrade with pellets. Throughout a cooking routine we need to supplement a dip of pellets any 5 mins or so, to keep a hopper filled adult half way. The pellets dump down as compulsory to fuel a fire.

Just 10 mins after lighting it’s time to cook. Uuni 2 comes with a steel pizza peel, on that we arrange your pizza before shifting it into a oven. A trace of semolina underneath a pizza helps it come off smoothly.

The pizza cooks fast yet a oven’s really hotter during a back, so we need to spin a pizza a integrate of times during a cooking process. A second flay (£14.50 during a time of writing) would be useful for this, so we can use one to spin and mislay a pizza while we arrange your subsequent pizza on a other.

And mins after a magnificent, juicy pizza emerges and we put a subsequent one in. We fed 20 inspired guests, some of them scoffing some-more than one pizza, over a integrate of hours. Initially any pizza took a while as we mastered a process, yet by a finish we were knocking out pizze eccellente during 2-minute intervals like a pro. 40 thumbs adult from a guests.

After cooking, once a oven cooled down, clean-up was a discerning process; a fuel had burnt cleanly. The tray that a pizzas prepare on slides out and can be washed, a rest usually indispensable a dirt down. Note yet that a feverishness discolours a steel finish, so it never looks utterly a same as it did out of a box again.

Should we buy a Uuni 2?

If you’ve been hungry for a wood-fired pizza oven, yes. Uuni 2 is a well designed product that’s discerning to build and turns out juicy wood-fired pizzas. And it’s unstable adequate to go with we on holiday, even camping or to a beach as an choice a barbecue.

£189 competence sound like a lot of income yet a materials for building your possess normal wood-fired pizza oven cost more. And shop-bought pizza ovens cost during slightest 3 times as much. There’s zero on a marketplace right now to opposition a Uuni 2.


A overwhelming new approach to prepare wood-fired pizzas – Uuni 2 is brilliantly designed.

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