Vax Air 3 U87-AM-C Vacuum Cleaners Review

What is a Vax Air 3?

Exclusive to Vax online, a top-spec Air 3 (U87-AM-C) boasts 225 atmosphere watts and uses multi cyclonic record to theoretically safeguard consistent and absolute suction either a bin is purify or full. Vax has always been inexhaustible with a cleaner cord lengths and a longer cord on this indication enables a glorious reach. Combined with a extra-long hose, a outcome is a cleaner good matched to cleaning stairs and other tough to strech areas.

The Vax Air 3 claims it can be manoeuvred simply around seat with a crack of a wrist interjection to a ‘Air Motion’ technology. The categorical physique and hoop public pivots, that turns a conduct in a instruction we are pivoting a appurtenance for easy manoeuvrability utterly on high-speed cornering. The HEPA media filter removes mud particles, pollen and allergens and together with a Turbo brush conduct creates a Vax Air 3 good for households with pets.

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Vax Air 3 U87-AM-C

Vax Air 3: What accessories are included?

On residence a Vax Air 3 we get a defect tool/dust brush and a agree upholstery nozzle. It also comes with one of a strangest collection we are nonetheless to confront on any vacuum; a prolonged stretchable defect wand designed to get to a unequivocally deepest and darkest corners of your home.

In further there is a agree upholstery brush, a pet hair projection with rubberised strips opposite a bottom to hold and lift hairs and a Turbo Brush. While a latter is ideal for stairs, there is nowhere to store it on residence a appurtenance itself.

Vax Air 3: How good does it purify carpets and tough floors?

Having started with a good selection and a illusory collection of tools, a Vax Air 3 fell down flattering tough – roughly literally – when it came to regulating it in genuine vacuuming situations. The Air suit complement is essentially injured in that a focus indicate is not executive to a weight of a machine. So, as we focus a appurtenance to a right, a possess weight tips over a change indicate and it feels immediately like it is descending over.

This felt unequivocally lunatic in use so we gave a Air 3 several days of contrast to see if it was something we would get used to. Unfortunately all this achieved was aria on a wrist due to being forced to stop a appurtenance sloping over totally each time we spin a corner. Moreover, it feels like it wants to pivot one approach or a other all a time, even when we are pulling in a true line, so it took utterly a lot of bid to keep it fast and straight.

While many means adults could drive a Air 3 with small problem or wrist ache, it would be all yet obsolete if we are thin or elderly.

Vax Air 3 U87-AM-C

Vax Air 3 U87-AM-C

In a 3 pass exam on runner a Air 3 achieved sufficient on the
main area, yet left a lot of runner freshener powder nearby a skirting,
indicating unequivocally bad tighten to corner cleaning. It fared most improved with
dust, mud and dog hair or tough floors, yet with even reduction insurgency to
steering movements a issues of a instability done cleaning even
harder work on a wrist.

Ironically a Vax’s granted Turbo Brush conduct worked unusually well, done even some-more useful interjection to a prolonged strech hose. The insane extended defect apparatus might demeanour weird, yet it shortly became a good accessory, utterly for cleaning down a behind of radiators – an area that frequency gets a good vacuuming.

Vax Air 3: How easy is it to use on stairs?

In utterly a quip from a margin of disaster, a Vax Air 3 transpired to be one of a best honest step cleaners we have nonetheless to test.

Its compress measure and comparatively light weight make it unequivocally easy to stratagem adult and down stairs or place firmly on a step and a extra-long hose has one of a longest reaches on a market. This was a initial cleaner we have tested that got to a unequivocally tip of a vast spin staircase with a appurtenance sat on a building during a bottom.

Its comparatively light weight creates it easy to pierce adult and down stairs for multi-level cleaning. Combine this with a compress yet absolute turbo brush, that carried mud unequivocally effectively, and we have an honest cleaner that is nearby ideal for stairs.

Vax Air 3: How does it cope with pet hair?

Using a honest cleaner this privileged a 30cm hole round of pet hair in a unequivocally sprightly 10 seconds and with a hose and turbo brush in around 20 seconds. We had churned formula with a rubberised pet hair projection and generally a turbo conduct was some-more effective on carpets and floors. However if your bushy friends finish adult on a bed or sofa, this rubberised projection is good for a discerning purify up.

The Vax Air 3 does not have anything like a perfect suction energy of a flagship cylinder cleaners, yet effective brush bar design, both on a appurtenance and a turbo brush, make this a useful appurtenance if we have pets around a home.

Vax Air 3 U87-AM-C

Should we buy a Vax Air 3?

The jury is separate on this one. On a one palm we have a comparatively powerful, lightweight appurtenance with a good operation of facilities and tools. On a other we have a elemental pattern smirch that creates it tough work to use as a day-to-day honest cleaner as it tries constantly to tip over and spin rather than go in a true line.

On balance, though, an honest cleaner should be only that initial and foremost, and so we can't suggest a Vax Air 3. Well, not unless we live in a residence with a lot of stairs anyway.

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