Vax Steam Fresh Combi S86-SF-C Steam Cleaners Review

What is a Vax Steam Fresh Combi?

The Vax Steam Fresh Combi (S86-SF-C) is an honest steam cleaner with a center that pops out to renovate into a handheld cleaner. It has apart H2O and antiseptic tanks (for a honest usually – a handheld usually cleans regulating steam).

As an upright, it has a well-designed triangular conduct that’s good during stealing into corners. And a handheld collection are conveniently stored on a behind of a honest cleaner. It’s pricey though a good all-rounder.

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Vax Steam Fresh Combi – Design and Features

The Vax looks modern, clean, roughly clinical. It’s easy in a palm and usually light adequate to be manoeuvrable.

Its mop conduct is triangular and works in 3 ways. At a smallest, there’s a tough cosmetic conduct with unbending brushes, ideal for parsimonious corners and scrubbing rags of inbred dirt. Onto this clips a incomparable cosmetic conduct and a well-made blue cloth, for steam-mopping tough floors. And finally, there’s a runner glider that clips over a tip for steam-cleaning carpets and rugs.

On a behind of a honest you’ll find room to store 6 collection (it comes with all from a grout brush to a window squeegee) and there’s room on a behind of a hoop to store a concentrator projection we need to use a tools, though there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to store a hose itself.

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Vax Steam Fresh Combi – What’s it like to use?

Filling a Vax is straightforward. The tank in a center pops out and is filled from a tap. The antiseptic tank on a behind again detaches and is filled with a brew of antiseptic and water. Once we switch it on, a cleaner heats adult in reduction than half a minute. Two lights on a front prove energy and steam.

As an upright, it’s manoeuvrable and a mop conduct pattern impresses. The triangular figure is good for stealing into corners and a smallest head’s brushes let we dumpy divided during stains where other steam cleaners would see we on your hands and knees with a handheld tool. Floor cleaning is really effective and nonetheless floors aren’t left too soppy – they’re dry again within a minute.

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The usually distrurbance as an honest is that a concentrator nozzle, that clips into a behind of a hoop for storage, falls out all a time. Plus, we couldn’t find anywhere to store a hose onboard.

As a handheld, we can insert collection directly to use it with one palm or, some-more likely, supplement a hose and purify two-handed. The operation of collection is impressive: a tiny brush was good for stealing inbred stains from a rug, a squeegee spotless and dusty windows quickly, a grout brush was good for stealing mildew.

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The concentrator projection put out a good conduct of steam that didn’t feel scaldingly hot. But a steam from it alone wasn’t adequate to lift greasy stains, for instance taps indispensable a good clean after steaming.

Whether as an honest or handheld, we need to pull a trigger constantly to get steam. This is a bit of an effort, though leaves we in full control.

Both tanks can be popped out for a refill or to be emptied. The cloth washes good and dries quickly. And a whole cleaner stores good deliberation it has so many onboard tools.

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Should we buy a Vax Steam Fresh Combi?

Maybe. If you’re looking for an honest steam cleaner with pop-out handheld afterwards a Vax is impressive. But it’s also rather pricey and has a few issues that are tough to accept deliberation a price.

That’s because it’s value deliberation a distant some-more affordable Polti Vaporetto GO cylinder steam cleaner as well. Or, if we don’t need handheld tools, cruise a Bissell Vac Steam – an considerable honest steam cleaner that vacuums too.


A well-designed honest steam cleaner with pop-out handheld and copiousness of collection stored onboard.

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