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Queentessence, a Miami-based startup, is discretely entering a flourishing Omnichannel Analytics Market. The Queentessence group brings with them a law “Pre-roll” record (US Patent 7,734,283) to plea determined unfamiliar firms in a Customer Experience Enhancement Market.

Queentessence is now building a Andromeda SaaS (Software as a Service) height that targets users knowledge optimization for organizations in a retail, hospitality, and Smart Cities verticals.

With digitalization needs fueled by fast governmental changes, a law technology, and a user-experience centric focused platform, Queentessence is positioning itself to constraint poignant marketplace share in pivotal verticals

The Stakes

For earthy venues, executing on digitalization and analytics efforts are required to sojourn competitive. Providing a seamless wireless knowledge is one of a many data-rich touchpoints these venues can cave for insights. Queentessence has a ability to compute Andromeda from other solutions in 3 pivotal ways:

Using “Pre-roll”

Pre-roll record over WiFi Captive Portals enables venues to automatically play applicable messages to users before authentication. This is utterly critical since it increases a odds of visitors observation and enchanting with a message

Providing a elementary nonetheless absolute alternative

Overly formidable interfaces and configurations mislay concentration from core business objectives. Queentessence can broach a insights venues direct with minimal complexity and effort, such as a drag-and-drop pattern of customized Splash Pages.

Enhancing caller experience

Can take place with a curation of information being many-sided from countless channels, including Psychographics, DNS analytics among others. A entirely agreeable GDPR visitor’s tour paves a approach for abounding consumer businessman happiness.

Coupled with their vital positioning in a heart of Miami, these 3 rival advantages might capacitate Queentessence to broach value unfamiliar competitors (Cloud4wi, SkyFii, Purple WiFi) can’t utterly match. If a Miami organisation is means to execute, design them to constraint a poignant apportionment of a market.

About Queentessence:

Queentessence is a Miami formed startup building an AWS Cloud-based height named Andromeda that aggregates information from one or some-more sources, such as IoT Sensors, Psychographics, and WiFi Guest Access. The information is afterwards converted into suggestive insights assisting enterprises make improved decisions.


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