VicoVation Vico-MF3 Camcorder

What is a VicoVation Vico-MF3?

The Vico-MF3 is a latest lurch cam from VicoVation. The company’s Opia 2 was a initial lurch cam with a 1440p fortitude video to be reviewed by TrustedReviews.

The Vico-MF3 continues this tradition, rather than improving on it, nonetheless a earthy pattern is extremely different. The cost is also extremely reduction than a Opia 2, that creates it a good choice for any customer looking for a lurch cam with glorious video quality.

VicoVation Vico-MF3 – Specification and Windscreen Mounting

The Vico-MF3 uses a same Ambarella A12 chipset as a Opia 2, so there’s a 4-megapixel CMOS of vague stretch and matching recording format options.

VicoVation calls a Vico-MF3’s tip recording format “2K Ultra HD”, though it would some-more accurately be called 2.5K. The tip fortitude is 2,560 x 1,440 during 30 frames per second, with a healthy 19Mbits/sec information rate. The Vico-MF3 even supports HDR during this resolution.

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VicoVation Vico-MF3

It’s also probable to record 1,296p – that VicoVation calls Extreme HD, though many other manufacturers tag Super HD – during 30 frames per second. If we dump down to Full HD, 60 frames per second is possible, as good as 45 frames per second and 30 frames per second with HDR. There’s 720p during 30 and 60 frames per second, too.

I’m not certain how useful it is to have so many format options in a lurch cam. You tend to setup such inclination and afterwards usually leave them regulating until there’s an occurrence and we need a footage. But there are copiousness of options accessible if we do need them, quite a high-speed ones. At a tip resolution, a 8GB label will adequate for usually underneath an hour of footage before looping kicks in.

The mountain is a customary suction cup, though there’s also an glue choice in a box, that uses a claim 3D gummy stuff. The common extensive energy wire is included, in this box finale in a prisoner automobile cigarette lighter adapter. You won’t be means to offshoot adult a satnav during a same time though an adapter.

VicoVation Vico-MF3 – Menu and Manual Settings

The Vico-MF3 sports a vast 3-inch display, with 5 buttons on a edges of a bezel: dual on a left, 3 on a right. The red symbol on a tip left is for imprinting events, that sets a stream video record as not to be overwritten. This places that record in a apart Events folder on a microSD memory label used for storage.

VicoVation Vico-MF3

The menu symbol can be found underneath this. Here we can set a video resolution, play behind your video recordings, configure a Smart Warning System (of that some-more below), and spin on parking surveillance.

There’s control over a attraction of a G-Sensor, that detects an impact occurrence and outlines a stream footage as an eventuality automatically. You can change a loop recording length between one, 3 and 5 minutes, with 3 being a default. You can spin a microphone off and on, and there’s even an bearing value control, with 9 stairs between -4 and +4 EV.

VicoVation Vico-MF3 – Optional Safety Features

The Opia 2 was let down by a miss of built-in GPS, and a Vico-MF3 likewise doesn’t embody this facility. Instead, an outmost GPS device is required, costing £35. Aside from tracking your plcae and storing it alongside a video, a GPS appendage also adds line depart and forward-collision warnings, bringing a facilities of a Vico-MF3 broadly in line with a many means lurch cams.

As mentioned above, there stays a Smart Warning System territory in a menu, even though a GPS add-on. This includes Speed Camera Detection, nonetheless this didn’t seem to do anything, given it probablyrequires a GPS and a camera plcae database. In addition, a VicoVation website implies this is usually for Taiwan. You can set an warning for when you’re over a speed extent – although, again, though a GPS this won’t work.

VicoVation Vico-MF3

However, there are some facilities that will work though a GPS. The Lead Car Departure Alert detects when a automobile in front moves in still trade and lets we know, in box you’ve stopped profitable attention.

The Headlights-on Reminder will also duty though a GPS, as will a motorist tired alert. It’s usually a contrition a GPS isn’t built in, given if it was a Vico-MF3 would exaggerate a comparatively extensive set of facilities compared to a competition.

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VicoVation Vico-MF3 – Image Quality

The Opia 2 is means of some of a best lurch cam video peculiarity I’ve seen, so we had high hopes for a Vico-MF3, given it evidently uses a same CMOS and estimate chipset.

During one exam on a rather gloomy, stormy day, a Vico-MF3 still managed to provoke out copiousness of detail, interjection to a 1,440p fortitude – that is impressive.

Colour fealty isn’t superb, though we won’t generally be regulating a lurch cam for sharpened your subsequent indie cinema entrance to a Cannes Film Festival.

The many critical cause of being means to collect out features, quite series plates, is really many in evidence. You don’t need to be directly behind a automobile to see a registration. The numbers and letters will be manifest during a reasonable stretch and from an angle, too, that is good if we need to brand a law-breaker in an incident.

You can perspective a representation of footage from a Vico-MF3 here.

VicoVation Vico-MF3

Should we buy a VicoVation Vico-MF3?

The VicoVation Vico-MF3 is a lurch cam means of decidedly considerable picture quality, as lurch cams go. It’s a contrition that GPS is an discretionary extra, given installing this alone merely adds to your windscreen confusion as good as a sum price. However, during £139 a Vico-MF3 isn’t hideously expensive, even if it isn’t a discount either.

It would be good to see a chronicle of a Vico-MF3 with a GPS built in, and maybe Wi-Fi as well. But if these facilities aren’t critical to you, during slightest a many critical cause – video opening – is adult there with a best.

For a core duty of identifying a vehicles (and people) around we in an incident, a VicoVation Vico-MF3 positively delivers.


The VicoVation Vico-MF3 might miss a built-in GPS, though video fact is excellent, creation it good for a core video-recording duty of a lurch cam.

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