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What is a View Master?

The View Master is a partnership between Mattel and Google. It’s formed on Google’s Cardboard record and aims to move practical existence to a younger audience.

The pattern offers only a right volume of retro to compensate loyalty to a 75 year View Master brand’s history. This total with a affordable price, and resources of preparation focused apps, assistance a View Master reason a possess among a increasingly rival VR pack.

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View Master

View Master – Design and build

The View-Master isn’t a many worldly looking VR headset now available, though I’m a fan of a ski-goggle styling and a kids we showed it to were also formally impressed.

As it works on a Google card height a headset offers entrance to a flourishing series of VR practice for free, as good as a preference of paid for bespoke ones combined privately for it.

The starter container includes a stout smartphone holding headset that connects a View Master to your wrist. The fact it’s trustworthy to your wrist means, somewhat annoyingly, we will always have to reason a View-Master in place when personification with it.

I’m certain this is a eloquent repudiation to forestall kids regulating it for prolonged periods, though a head-strap choice as a grown-up appendage would be welcome.

Inside a box is also an adaptor to wharf phones into a View-Master. People with comparison phones should note, View Master calm isn’t optimised for 4-inch screens. The headset’s been designed with a incomparable Apple iPhone 6, and a decent list of a latest Android inclination in mind.

View Master

The central Mattel authorized list includes a latest Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and Nexus smartphones and offers a disclaimer that other 5-6-inch inclination could good work too.

If we wish to excavate outward of a elementary Cardboard believe a starter container comes with demo versions of a Space (351MB), Wildlife with National Geographic (291MB) and Destinations (351MB) iOS or Android apps.

After downloading a apps a demos are launched regulating aged propagandize looking “preview discs”. The Experience container for any app unlocks additional calm around appendage reels. Each container costs a somewhat large £7.99.

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View Master – Content Check

The full versions’ adult front cost might sound pricey and like a View Master is income grabbing, though a preview reels yield a reasonable volume of content. When we tested a demo wildlife app we was severely impressed. With a headset on we was ecstatic to a Acropolis, where we was means to ramble around a Parthenon and suffer some overwhelming 360 grade imagery.

The fact of a perspective is stunning. we non-stop a bottle of ouzo picked adult on my final outing to Greece and, notwithstanding a meridian here in blighty, felt totally enthralled in a practical world. The app also provides on-screen information about a place you’re visiting. The information is especially designed for kids, though is during a high adequate turn for we to get some credentials believe – and potentially points in your subsequent pub quiz.

With a full believe front for Destinations we can conduct off to a accumulation of locations including New York, London and Mexico. In any plcae you’ll be treated to superb 360 grade tours. For those that cite a gentler pace, a apps also let we stop and gawk like a traveller during specific points along a way.

In any debate we tested we found there’s only adequate information to keep things engaging as an adult. My 13 year-old scored his View-Master believe a ”pretty cool” – that is about as high regard as we can design from a teenager.

View Master

Over in a wildlife app In preview mode we jumped into a savannah, a rainforest and a Australian outback. The mostly digitised landscapes all have unequivocally good abyss of margin and, by operative with National Geographic, offer a truly immersive experience.

Each area offers video calm regarding to one animal, as good as a preference of genuine star animal imagery.

The full chronicle of a app offers some-more immersive preference of walks, some-more animals to goggle during and an extended safari mode. The safari mode is immensely beguiling and sees we take a purpose of a wildlife photographer. In any safari environment you’re challenged to take cinema of 3 animals. From there you’re giveaway to openly ramble a digital star looking for your illusory theme matter. This mode will be a blast for kids and is full of easily authentic ambient sounds that unequivocally assistance set a tone.

The space preview area on a tilt is a slightest populated with taster content. There is a immobile VR space convey dangling in a dim starlit sky. You can stratagem around a convey and click on information black to learn bite-size contribution about some of a attributes.

Luckily a space mini-game is a small some-more entertaining. In it you’re tasked to lift certain levers to glow adult a shuttle, get it into a sky and embankment a boosters. It is elementary adequate though a fact of a cockpit is considerable and creates any charge formally enjoyable.

The full chronicle unlocks a far-reaching preference of booster to explore, an whole solar complement to correlate with and a preference of aged View-Master images – that we remember fondly from a eighties. My 5 year aged squealed with fad as she visited a sun, moon and earth. View Master

Should we buy a View Master?

For an affordable VR believe I’ve no perplexity in steering anyone toward a buy button. The calm has been delicately crafted to offer adequate information and settings to support for kids and adults alike.

The headset, notwithstanding a miss of strap, is ideal for observation a bespoke and other VR calm on offer and I’m fervent to see what tilt sets are expelled next.


An ideal present for extraordinary kids, penetrating to try a universe.

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