View Quest Hepburn Review

What is a View Quest Hepburn?

Nowadays, nobody wants usually a DAB radio. The View Quest Hepburn name and demeanour might be retro, though it offers a few complicated facilities over DAB, including Bluetooth streaming and USB charging for your phone.

The pattern won’t be for everyone, though nor will a £149.99 price. However, does a array of facilities make it an appealing choice to rivals like a Pure Evoke F4?

View Quest Hepburn

View Quest Hepburn – Design

The View Quest Hepburn has a retro-look pattern that has prolonged been renouned among DAB radio makers. It’s offering in a operation of colours, including red, yellow, blue and black.

The steel orator grille is bordered by a feign leather surround, adding to a Hepburn’s retro feel. This outcome continues on a behind row and a sides. Although it looks sincerely good on a shelf, adult tighten a mistake leather feels inexpensive and a support creaks when we request a bit of vigour – unsatisfactory for £150.

All a buttons, knobs and a arrangement of a View Quest Hepburn lay on a top, underneath a pivoting steel handle. There’s a snooze button, though it’s nowehere nearby as accessible as a snooze hoop used by some other radios.

We frequently use a DAB radio as a morning alarm, though a Hepburn’s snooze symbol is tough to find in a dim with a fumbling, dozy finger. This is not a ideal bedside radio.

However, a arrangement light automatically dims after a brief period, definition it won’t irradiate your room too most during night. You can adjust a screen’s liughtness level, and customise how prolonged it will stay lit-up for as well.

View Quest Hepburn

View Quest Hepburn – Features

The Hepburn is some-more than usually a DAB radio. There’s an FM tuner and Bluetooth to let we tide audio from a phone – or roughly anything with Bluetooth connectivity.

It is elementary to use too. To control a radio we usually need to worry about a dual categorical knobs, and a other control buttons are realistically laid-out. They let we entrance a menu, alarm settings, snooze, EQ, hire info and a presets, and control playback of song streamed from your mobile.

Having these buttons to palm means there’s small need to excavate into potentially treacherous menus.

View Quest Hepburn

Around a behind of a View Quest Hepburn is a 3.5mm audio submit jack, a energy hollow and a 5V/1000mA USB port. The latter is usually used to assign your intelligent device – it is not an audio input.

However, we plugged an iPhone 5C and iPad mini into Hepburn around USB and couldn’t get possibly to charge. An iPod Classic charged immediately, so apparently a Hepburn has some Apple harmony issues in this area.

You can energy a radio with batteries rather than a adapter, though you’ll need 4 D-size batteries. A rechargeable battery would be some-more convenient, and lighter.

View Quest Hepburn – Sound Quality

Despite a unlawful build quality, View Quest hasn’t skimped too most on a insides. The Hepburn has dual 58mm full-range drivers that yield sincerely purify and transparent sound.

Sound peculiarity during reduce volumes is good, that is ideal for when you’re regulating a Hepburn as your bedside DAB. Unfortunately, as with many radios of this size, there are issues during tip volume. 

There is estimable exaggeration when we holder adult a volume over half-way. The View Quest Hepburn sound is overly bassy too, that was even clear when we played with a EQ settings.

View Quest Hepburn

Should we buy a View Quest Hepburn?

The View Quest Hepburn is a attractive radio with a good set of features, though is let down by bad build peculiarity and a high price.

If you’re unequivocally hungry after a selected feel DAB radio system, a Roberts Revival is still tough to beat. The Pure Evoke F4 is a fantastic, newer alternative, though costs around £30 more. It has a front-facing arrangement and a snooze hoop that make it ideal as a bedside radio, while a ability to skip between behaving as a normal DAB radio and a streaming orator make it value a additional money.


The ViewQuest Hepburn offers a illusory operation of features, though build quality, bizarre pattern quirks and a cost might leave we looking elsewhere.

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