Virima Marks a 19th Annual SysAdmin Appreciation Day with an Offer…

Mike Bombard, COO

We are vehement to applaud SysAdmin Day with this unusual offer!

Virima Technologies is celebrating SysAdmin Appreciation Day by charity an total 90-day subscription to Virima Discovery and IT Asset Management (ITAM) packages when we pointer adult between Jul 27th and Aug 3rd. Unlike a customary 30-day trial, this special offer is not singular in range permitting business to entirely precedence Virima’s absolute capabilities opposite their whole IT landscape and for triple a duration.

“The day-to-day work of a SysAdmin is during a core of any company’s IT department. Having a best collection for a job, like those from Virima, enables your SysAdmins to do it some-more effectively and efficiently. Many companies still use surpass spreadsheets for item management, with Virima, companies will know with certainty what resources they have, how they are connected to any other and a standing of configurations and critical confidence patches.” Said Mike Bombard, COO. “By holding advantage of a Virima ITAM offer they will be means to run total reports, trade a item and dependency information and see first-hand a unusual value that Virima ITAM can offer a business.”

Virima’s programmed find and ITAM solutions yield a capabilities to not usually collect infrastructure information, though also to conduct it, news on it and daydream it. This visible illustration of how all resources are companion helps any SysAdmin to be some-more effective in doing what they do best – gripping a record handling and a business using smoothly.

Registration for a singular time offer is accessible currently and will usually be open until Aug 3rd 2018. Don’t skip out on this good event to make your System administrators pursuit a lot easier and pointer adult currently for your 90-day subscription.

About Virima

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA., Virima Technologies is an dignitary of cloud-based and on-premise IT Asset Management and IT Service Management (ITAM ITSM) solutions. Through modernized infrastructure find and cognisance capabilities, Virima links a business processes to a record and services business rest upon. Virima automates IT operations functions enabling softened service, security, risk and correspondence management. The ITAM and ITSM capabilities of Virima broach discernment and value to any of their clients, enabling them to residence their whole IT operational needs.

To learn some-more about Virima Technologies or hit sales during sales(at)Virima(dot)com

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