Virtual Reality Allows Father To See The Birth Of His Son From Over 2,000 Miles Away

Jace Larke found himself in an roughly unfit situation: his mother was in labour, he was over 2,000 miles divided on a other side of Australia, and he was roughly certain that he would finish adult blank a birth of his son.

Of march in today’s world, a thought of ‘missing’ anything is apropos roughly surplus — and certain enough, practical existence was on palm to infer it.

Utilising a substantial manpower of Samsung Australia, Jace was means to ‘attend’ a birth of his son regulating a Samsung Gear VR headset.

virtual existence birth

A group from Samsung helped set adult a cameras in his mother Alison’s sanatorium room in Perth. They afterwards set adult a live tie between a sanatorium room and Jace’s Gear VR headset 2,485 miles divided in a tiny mining city of Chinchilla.

Not usually Jace means to declare a birth of his son live, though Samsung had also configured it so a span could speak to any other throughout.

With a past 12 months saying practical existence focused only on a party industry, this is a singular glance into a other uses that VR will hopefully yield when it reaches a mainstream in a subsequent 18-24 months.


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