Vitamix S30 Review

What is a Vitamix S30?

Loved by veteran chefs and keen
cooks alike, Vitamix machines have enlarged been regarded as a ultimate in
blenders. Up until now, a models have been tall, massive affairs,
dominating space in a kitchen and with a cost tab to compare their
size. However, a S30 is opposite in many ways.

Styled as a
personal blender, it’s pleasingly compact, from a slim, neat bottom to
the 3 containers that can all be used in and with a
detachable blade unit. All a facilities that have done a code so
renowned are still present, such as a non-static speed control and a
powerful engine to safeguard silky well-spoken formula any time.

in smoothies, and with an downright recipe book enclosed to infer it,
it can tackle many things that a bigger brothers can, from nut
butters, salsas and dips to almond and rice milk, batters, grinding
flours, soppy unfeeling blitzing, cocktails, soups and solidified desserts,
although some of these need to be done in batches.

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Vitamix S30 – Design and features

S30 competence be tiny in status yet a build peculiarity will leave we in
no doubt of a veteran credentials. Its bottom is plain and
deceptively weighty, as is a detachable blade section that facilities a
metal expostulate complement for a longer lifespan and laser-cut, hardened
stainless-steel blades. The whole appurtenance weighs 5.6kg. Taking up
minimal space on a worktop, a S30 is also elegantly made with
curves framing a bottom unit, accessible in Black, White, Brushed
Stainless, Red, Cream, Daybreak Blue, Cranberry and Sour Apple Green,
and a inexhaustible 1.22m energy cable.

controls have also been embellished behind to a singular executive dial, ranging
from 1-10, to umpire a unchanging speed, with a beat function
included to one side. The 3 containers enclosed – dual BPA-free
double-walled cups and a incomparable jug – can all be used for unchanging when
combined with a blade section that simply screws on to any container
and a whole drops onto a bottom to line adult with differently sized
niches. An discretionary tamper, that fits by a hole in a jug’s
lid, can also be used to change clumps or pull reduction towards the

Vitamix S30 – What’s it like to use?

accessible quick-start beam means we can be creation drinks in minutes
from environment adult a S30. We started by creation a immature smoothie of kale,
kiwi, pineapple, banana, H2O and ice, layering a softer ingredients
and glass during a bottom of a jug (the recipes for a cups are
layered in retreat as they mix upside down).

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on speed 1 – so that a blades could ‘grab’ a reduction scrupulously –
we solemnly increasing a speed to 10. While it took longer than expected
for it to strech a worse pineapple and a compressed mass of kale, the
blades were shortly whizzing by a rest and creation brief work of the
ice. Another 10 seconds and a brief whirl with a breach and a whole
of a reduction was a unchanging clear immature shade and uniformly blended
with no lumps.

we attempted creation a fruit-based yoghurt smoothie with ice in one of the
cups. Blending was faster yet here, a beat duty came in useful to
assistance mix a thick yoghurt that was sticking to a side. Left for a
few hours in a crater with a twist-on, flip-top lid in place, the
smoothie was still fridge-cold and stayed as one reduction instead of

we attempted creation rice divert regulating baked brownish-red rice, sugarine and water.
Even yet this recipe used a vast volume of liquid, a S30 was
reassuringly fast while it whirled a essence around yet was
particularly loud during full speed. It took a few mins to mix to a
creamy, well-spoken coherence with a chalky colour. There was still a small
amount of excess during a bottom of a jug yet this churned in easily
after being poured out into a incomparable container.

Clean adult was
effortless and available – all a detachable tools can be popped in
the dishwasher or cleared by hand, and as a blade section unscrews from
the containers, it can be entirely cleaned.

Should we buy a Vitamix S30?

you’ve had your eye on an strange Vitamix yet struggled to find space
for it in your kitchen, this smaller appurtenance is really a answer.
While it competence not have a strong 2.2 horsepower engine of some of
Vitamix’s other models, it some-more than creates adult for it with a compact
footprint, some-more affordable price, on-the-go containers and easy
cleaning. Its energy and speed options also make it a intelligent ascent if
your stream blender can’t hoop worse dishes or enlarged running
times, and a seven-year guaranty gives glorious assent of mind.

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veteran blender created into a figure of a personal one, a S30
is still utterly an investment yet it’s value any penny.

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