ViUX Launches Cloud-VPS.com to Promote Virtual Dedicated Servers as…

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ViUX Virtual Dedicated Servers as Cloud VPS @ Cloud-VPS.com

ViUX Virtual Dedicated Servers as Cloud VPS @ Cloud-VPS.com

Many seeking Dedicated Hosting are sticking to a past by going with a unchanging Dedicated Server and thereby blank out on Virtual Dedicated Servers as Cloud VPS, that are higher in many each way. – J.T. Smith, ViUX Systems

Raleigh, North Carolina (PRWEB) Mar 12, 2015

Today ViUX Systems (ViUX.com) goes live with a new mobile manageable pattern Website at: http://www.cloud-vps.com – to improved foster their Virtual Dedicated Servers as Cloud VPS Containers and Cloud VPS Hypervisors.

So because a need for Cloud-VPS.com when ViUX® already has an existent Website during ViUX.com from that they offer Cloud VPS Hosting?

Each day some-more and some-more people are apropos wakeful of “The Cloud”; however this tenure has come to paint many opposite things – mostly causing confusion. As a result, when seeking Dedicated Hosting, business frequently disremember “Cloud” formed offerings in preference of compulsory (physical / bare-metal) Dedicated Servers, that are unequivocally not most opposite currently than Dedicated Servers charity 10 years ago.

These business might be wakeful of Virtual Private Servers (VPS), though in a past VPS were only Virtual Servers using on a unaccompanied compulsory Dedicated Server – with all a same stipulations and faults, though mostly even worse for countless reasons.

But now VPS meets a Cloud, permitting ViUX to offer what they call “Virtual Dedicated Servers” as Cloud VPS on their state-of-the-Internet Cloud Hosting System formed on Parallels® Cloud Server SSD Cloud Storage using on Dell® Cloud-Series (6220) Servers.

A Cloud VPS is a Virtual Private Server using on a Cluster of Dedicated Servers and SSD Cloud Storage with load-balancing, replication, automobile fail-over, apparatus bursting, and backups – to emanate a high-availability Virtual Dedicated Server in a Cloud.

ViUX offers Cloud VPS as Containers (from $15/mo) and Hypervisors (from $60/mo) – using possibly Linux or Windows Operating System (OS). Each Cloud VPS can be customized to a specific facilities and resources as needed, and a patron is charged bottom on their comparison configuration, that can be simply altered during any time.

The recover of Cloud-VPS.com by ViUX is meant to improved foster and teach business to a energy and many advantages of Cloud VPS Hosting over that of compulsory Dedicated Servers.

“We spend a lot of time persuading impending business contacting us for a Dedicated Server quote to cruise a Virtual Dedicated Server as a Cloud VPS” – pronounced J.T. Smith of ViUX Systems. “But ViUX.com offers many opposite use products, so it becomes a plea to approach business to a specific information associated to creation a best Dedicated Hosting choice.”

Therefore Cloud-VPS.com is meant to be that unaccompanied plcae to that ViUX sales and support crew can approach business seeking ViUX Dedicated Hosting.

Further, gripping with stream Web trends, Cloud-VPS.com is a entirely mobile manageable Website that will auto-adjust for best observation on whatever device / shade distance is in use during a time. Additionally, this initial recover of Cloud-VPS.com will be extended in a nearby destiny with updated video content.


To applaud a recover of Cloud-VPS.com – ViUX is charity a graduation of 20% OFF a comparison tenure length and ZERO Setup Fees for anyone fixation a Cloud VPS sequence from a new site for a residue of this month. Just enter promo formula “CLOUDVPSCOM” during checkout to capacitate a promotion.


About ViUX Systems, Inc.

ViUX Systems is a secretly hold North Carolina Corporation determined in 2003 – with a goal to yield people and businesses of all forms and sizes with a Web / Internet Technology and Software Solutions compulsory to offer their products and services to a universe — with Vision, Understanding, Experience in Web Services.

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