Vizor Launches New Generation of Supervisory Software Products

Vizor Launches New Generation of Supervisory Software Products

Vizor, a universe personality in craving supervisory program for financial regulators, currently announced a 2018 recover of a flagship supervisory platform. This vital recover offers financial supervisors a new proceed to respond to a fast changes in regulatory requirements, regulating a self-service approach.

Self-service is enabled by a new set of collection that supervisory authorities use to exercise poignant pattern changes themselves, though a need for extensive and dear program changes. For example, a new metadata importers automatically emanate new information collections from existent XBRL taxonomy packages or XML schemas, permitting supervisors to launch new earnings within days or weeks.

“Supervisory authorities are experiencing some-more fast changes in information collection, to understanding with regulatory changes or ad-hoc information requests. With a 2018 release, Vizor Software addresses this need head-on and delivers a singular self-service capability into a hands of business users” commented Joanne Horgan, Chief Innovation Officer during Vizor.

To serve support supervisors’ need for self-service, a recover includes absolute new facilities to conduct validation rules. The enhancements revoke a need for full deployments to prolongation systems and urge a altogether potency of progressing and fluctuating Vizor Software.

In further to a apartment of self-service improvements, a height advantages from a operation of security, opening and technical enhancements. Also, a User Interface has been upgraded to a some-more complicated demeanour and feel. For some-more sum on a new release, greatfully revisit a 2018 Release page.

About Vizor Software

Vizor Software is a tellurian personality in craving supervisory solutions for financial regulators. We assistance supervisory authorities strengthen and raise a fortitude of a financial system. Vizor is devoted by executive banks and supervisory authorities in some-more than 25 countries for a collection, validation and research of rarely formidable information from financial institutions. Vizor Software is an integrated information collection and supervisory complement that is formed on best-in-class supervisory models though stretchable adequate to understanding with regulator specific needs. You can learn some-more during or by following Vizor on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+.

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