Vizor Software to Present during Caribbean Group of Banking Supervisors…

Vizor to Present during CGBS Annual Conference

Vizor, a universe personality in supervisory program for Financial Regulators and Central Banks, currently announced that Vizor’s Chief Innovation Officer, Joanne Horgan, will be a featured orator during a XXXVI Annual CGBS Conference in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, May 31st to Jun 2nd, 2018.

The Caribbean Group of Banking Supervisors (CGBS) was determined in 1983 underneath a protection of a Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Central Bank Governors, with a specific charge to raise and coordinate a harmonization of a bank supervisory practices in a English vocalization Caribbean, with a perspective to bringing them in line with internationally supposed practices. The CGBS was after stretched to embody non-CARICOM territories and has been rigourously supposed as a informal organisation underneath a Basel Committee for Banking Supervision.

The annual discussion brings together regulators and process practitioners from member countries as good as member from a US Department of Treasury, a International Monetary Fund, US Federal Reserve Board of Governors, and a Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI). The thesis of this year’s eventuality is “The Evolving Financial Landscape: The Supervisory Response.”

Presentation: Risk-Based Supervision: Navigating a Waters

The display reviews a hurdles banking supervisors face when implementing a risk-based organisation approach. It outlines how existent prudential information collections can be leveraged to yield accurate and timely inputs. Ms Hogan will also review doing approaches from opposite banking supervisors and a coherence of stream systems to understanding with regulator specific needs. The display concludes with insights on a destiny instruction of record and systems to support risk-based organisation initiatives.

When: 10:45 AM, Friday, Jun 1

Where: Ports of Call Resort, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

About Joanne Horgan

Joanne Horgan has designed and delivered regulatory solutions for some of a world’s tip financial regulators, operative with some-more than 20 executive banks and financial regulators worldwide. Having assimilated Vizor in 2003, Horgan progressed by a accumulation of roles and was allocated to a house of directors in 2012. Between 2013 and 2017, she took on a purpose of arch handling officer and now leads a product government and creation teams in Dublin.

About Vizor

Vizor Software is a tellurian personality in craving supervisory solutions for Financial Regulators. We assistance Financial Regulators strengthen and raise a fortitude of a financial system. Vizor is devoted by Central Banks and Financial Regulators in some-more than 25 countries for a collection, validation and research of rarely formidable information from financial institutions. Vizor Software is an integrated information collection and supervisory complement that is formed on best-in-class supervisory models though stretchable adequate to understanding with regulator specific needs. You can learn some-more during or by following Vizor on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+.

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