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What is a Volvo V90?

Volvo estates are tighten to an establishment in a UK, eminent for their practicality and safety. For a many partial a new V90, that shares many of a DNA with a S90 tavern and XC90 SUV, is all you’d expect. It’s spacious, unsentimental and rammed to a gills with crafty reserve features, yet it’s also smarter than your normal car.

Volvo’s semi-autonomous Pilot Assist feature, that will steer, stop and accelerate usually like a Tesla during speeds adult to 80mph on motorways, comes as standard. The Sensus Connect infotainment system, meanwhile, is formed around a 9-inch touchscreen and facilities Spotify, Yelp internal hunt and live trade updates. Apple CarPlay is an optional, and really handy, additional too.

The V90 is each bit as considerable as a German rivals, and edges them all where in-car tech is concerned.

Version tested: V90 D5 PowerPulse Inscription with Xenium and Winter Plus packs

Volvo V90 17

Driving and vital with a Volvo V90

The V90 is flattering many all we could wish from a large, executive estate. While my initial greeting was something like “Holy crap, it’s huge!”, it doesn’t feel like a vast car. OK, it’s not nimble and enchanting like a sports car, yet it is light and easy to expostulate about town, and still and relaxing on prolonged motorway journeys. The looks grew on me over a week we had it – I’m not a fan of a Luminous Sand colour, mind – while a interior and cabin can’t be faulted.

Passengers will suffer a V90, too. The behind seats dual adults comfortably, or 3 children with room to gangling – hell, even 3 adults won’t complain. The float isn’t as silky well-spoken as some, yet you’ll usually notice a largest bumps.

While it lacks a classical block behind dear of Volvos of yore, a 560-litre foot space is copiousness and there’s 1,526 litres with a seats down. That said, if space is a priority afterwards a Mercedes E-Class trumps all comers. The prosaic foot entrance creates loading really easy and is ideal for perching on after murky walks and kids’ football matches.

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Volvo V90 39

The D5 PowerPulse chronicle we tested featured a 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel engine – 235hp, 0-60mph in 7.2 seconds – and four-wheel drive. Clever tech eliminates turbo loiter well, giving it copiousness of poke when accelerating. That said, it’s thirstier than a customary 190bhp 2.0-litre diesel in a entry-level D4, so I’d be tempted to opt for that. It is, by repute, a ideally workable engine and £7,000 cheaper to boot, withdrawal we change for some of a glorious extras available. PowerPulse is inestimable if money’s no object, though.

If we had to protest about pushing a V90, I’d contend a 8-speed automobile ‘box is somewhat inconclusive – and a engine note some-more rough – when accelerating from low speed. Cruise adult to a devious and afterwards accelerate yet interlude and a V90 jerks into action, surging in a less-than-smooth demeanour before anticipating a right gear. Conversely, a gearbox is excellent during aloft speeds and a engine settles into a hardly heard sound during motorway speeds.

Volvo V90 49

Volvo V90 – Driving with Pilot Assist and Safety Features

It’s on motorways and A-roads that a V90 truly excels. That’s partly since it’s still and comfortable, yet also since it can (for a many part) expostulate itself. Volvo’s Pilot Assist works in a identical approach to Tesla’s ‘Autopilot’, regulating cameras and radar to keep a automobile in-lane and adjust to a upsurge of trade in front of you.

Indeed, a usually differences come in a degrees of assistance and sophistication. While Tesla’s complement attempts to understanding with a far-reaching operation of highway situations, Volvo positions a some-more aptly named Pilot Assist as a underline for motorways and multi-lane A-roads only.

Volvo V90 43

On paper, supposing adequate highway markings and conditions, Volvo’s Pilot Assist will take caring of all steering, braking and acceleration underneath your supervision. And, in practice, it works brilliantly. In a circuitously two-hour tour encompassing a M3, M25 and A3, we done no some-more than 20 interruptions to Pilot Assist – especially for changing lanes, navigating junctions and where highway markings were mislaid due to highway works.

Unlike progressing versions of Volvo’s system, it doesn’t need a ‘lead car’ for reference, yet a Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) means it adjusts naturally to a upsurge of traffic. Where full support isn’t available, a complement always falls behind to ACC, with a tiny steering circle idol branch on a lurch from immature to grey. I’d cite a some-more apparent heard warning as well, yet it’s a sign that we still need to compensate courtesy during all times.

Volvo V90 9Pilot Assist is tranquil from these controls on a steering wheel

Pilot Assist is a godsend when navigating vapid 50mph normal speed zones, contraflows and delayed traffic, yet it’s usually as arguable during normal cruising speeds adult to 80mph. It takes so many of a highlight out of prolonged journeys, so a fact it’s a customary underline is awesome. Anyone who frequently navigates vital roads for their commute, or any other reason, will positively adore Pilot Assist.

The usually critical debility is a slight welfare for hugging a left-most line in a lane, quite when pushing in a delayed lane. Pilot Assist routinely adjusts, yet even so we can do so yourself yet disengaging Pilot Assist.

Of course, it’s a sign that this is a semi-autonomous system, not a entirely unconstrained one, and Pilot Assist won’t endure stealing your hands from a circle for long. An ‘Apply Steering’ summary appears after around 15 seconds, and heard alarms start agreeable not prolonged after. we didn’t exam a complement over this, yet it will eventually disentangle if we don’t obey.

Volvo V90 11The discretionary heads-up arrangement shows your speed, stream speed extent and other pivotal info

The other apparent limitation, that is loyal of all systems like this, is that Pilot Assist can’t demeanour forward and expect like a tellurian motorist can. The radar that guides a Adaptive Cruise Control responds to what’s directly in front of it, not what’s a mile down a road. This means it will mangle tough when we arrive during a behind of prolonged tailbacks, unless we meddle previously to suffer a smoother float before re-engaging Pilot Assist to navigate a imminent jam.

Caveats aside, though, Pilot Assist is a good complement and it’s customary on a V90. In contrast, a Drive Pilot complement from Mercedes is a £1,700 additional on a E-Class. That’s a outrageous parasite in a V90’s favour.

Of course, there’s no necessity of customary reserve facilities either. The City Safety complement detects pedestrians, cyclists and will request an puncture stop where necessary, while Run-off highway insurance automatically tightens seatbelts if we leave a road. There are adequate airbags to build a buoyant castle, including one for motorist knee protection.

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Volvo V90 5

Volvo V90 – Sensus Connect and Apple Car

The V90’s techie smarts don’t start and finish with Pilot Assist. The categorical infotainment system, called Sensus Connect, comes as customary with a 9-inch touchscreen during a centre. It has built-in support for Yelp (local hunt and reviews), Spotify and navigation with live trade updates. You can even emanate a Wi-Fi hotspot supposing we have a information SIM inserted.

Volvo V90

There’s also discretionary Apple CarPlay support (£300 extra) and Volvo says this is a usually complement where we can use CarPlay ‘windowed’. This means we can use a built-in navigation while still enjoying your podcasts or song around Apple Music, use Siri around a steering-mounted controls, and make calls hands-free. It’s usually a contrition Android Auto isn’t upheld as well, yet it’s a no-brainer if we possess an iPhone.

Outside of CarPlay, Sensus Connect is good yet for a few quirks. The touchscreen is superbly manageable and quick, and a interface is easy to grasp if you’ve used any complicated smartphone. There’s even a home symbol and a shade works when wearing gloves.

Volvo V90 19

Volvo’s found a good change between touchscreen and earthy controls. While many facilities are accessed around a touchscreen, including meridian control, there’s still a vast multi-function dial and earthy buttons for enabling things like shade demisting and other toggles we need discerning entrance to. Most facilities are permitted regulating voice control, too, activated from a steering wheel.

The navigation complement is decent, yet it did leave me pining for a Google Maps app on my iPhone after a while. Live trade updates are useful, and we get full European mapping and lifetime updates, yet it doesn’t feel as energetic during anticipating a best route. we mostly found it easier to demeanour adult an residence on my phone and submit in manually than to rest on a somewhat clunky POI and residence search.

Volvo V90 23

In use, directions are excellent many of time – line superintendence is enclosed and a multiple of a map on a digital motorist display, and summaries on a discretionary heads-up display, is really handy. But spasmodic final reminders came a small too late for me to make a scold turn.

CarPlay works good – it’s quick and mostly intuitive. Apple Maps stays underbaked, yet it’s value it alone for a Music and Podcasts apps, and easy hands-free calling. It connects around a USB hollow in a centre console glove box, so your phone is charging when in use. Spotify is upheld in CarPlay as well.

Volvo V90 51

Out of a other apps, Yelp (pictured above) is a many useful. While it takes a small while to get going, once installed it’s a permitted apparatus to fast find something nearby. Again, though, some competence find it easier usually to use their phone.

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