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Highly Scalable Image Analytics in Cortex

Life sciences and medical organizations are regulating AI collection to allege investigate and growth and broach improved studious care.

Vyasa Analytics, a provider of low training program and analytics for life sciences and medical organizations, currently announces 3 pre-built low training analytics modules for a Cortex program during Bio-IT World Conference Expo. Cortex enables a secure, scalable focus of low learning-based fake comprehension (AI) analytics to craving data, identifying patterns, relations and concepts opposite manifold information sources.

The new Neural Concept Recognition, Image Analytics and ChemVector analytics modules in Cortex capacitate life sciences organizations to fast and simply request low training analytics to vast information streams of text, images and chemical structures. Like all low training methodical modules in Cortex’s library, these new modules concede users to ask formidable questions of their information and use a answers to benefit vicious insights.

“Life sciences and medical organizations are regulating AI collection to allege investigate and growth and broach improved studious care. Deep training algorithms yield a set of absolute approaches that assistance us request analytics some-more effectively and comprehensively opposite vast scale information sources,” pronounced Dr. Christopher Bouton, owner and CEO of Vyasa. “The thought of AI has been around for decades, though we are now experiencing a ideal charge of GPU-based computing power, low training algorithm advances and rarely scalable information sources that enables paradigm-shifting appurtenance training and analytics capabilities.”

Vyasa will be demoing 3 low training analytics modules for Cortex during Bio-IT World 2018 in Boston from May 15 to 17, including:

·    Neural Concept Recognition. This procedure can be lerned on content concepts (e.g. drugs, diseases, pathways, conditions, side effects, genes) in structured and unstructured data. Users can ask Cortex formidable questions opposite vast scale information sets, and learn astonishing relations between judgment types. Concept approval analytics is germane to a far-reaching operation of use cases from rival intelligence, to drug repurposing and EHR analytics.

·    Life Sciences RD Specialized Image Analytics. Deep training enables novel, absolute forms of picture analytics, able of being lerned to detect patterns and objects in vast scale picture information sources. With only a few clicks in Cortex, a user can bond vast streams of picture information and request analytics to those sources. Vyasa has finely-tuned this research for life sciences images, and it is ideal for dungeon test screening, drug production and post-market screening for tawdry wrapping and tablets.

·    ChemVector de novo Compound Design. This exclusive Cortex procedure relates low training to chemical structures. Users can drag and dump one or some-more SDF files containing SMILES strings into Cortex, and Cortex can brand and beget novel compounds that optimize vicious variables such as log-p, molecular weight and fake viability. ChemVector can be used with a operation of other chemistry-specific methodical modules also accessible in Cortex.

Dr. Bouton, Vyasa’s owner and CEO, perceived his BA in Neuroscience (Magna Cum Laude) from Amherst College in 1996 and his Ph.D. in Molecular Neurobiology from Johns Hopkins University in 2001. Previously Dr. Bouton was a CEO of Entagen a program association founded in 2008 that supposing innovative Big Data products including Extera and TripleMap. Entagen’s technologies won countless awards including a “Innovative Technology of a Year Award for Big Data” from a Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council in 2012 and Entagen was famous as a Gartner “Cool Vendor” in a Life Sciences in 2013. Entagen was acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2013. Dr. Bouton is an author on over a dozen systematic papers and book chapters and his work has been lonesome in a series of attention news articles.

Visit Vyasa and demo Cortex during counter #632, and watch a explainer video during http://www.vyasa.com.

About Vyasa Analytics

Vyasa Analytics provides low training program and analytics for life sciences and medical organizations. Cortex is Vyasa’s secure, rarely scalable program height for collaborative believe find and information analytics. Using Vyasa’s exclusive Neural Concept Recognition technology, Cortex identifies trends and patterns opposite manifold information sources, lenient plan teams to benefit insights and expostulate improved preference making. Learn some-more during http://www.vyasa.com.

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