Wacom Bamboo Spark Gadget

What is Bamboo Spark?

Japanese inscription builder Wacom has enjoyed unchanging success with a operation of graphics tablets and styluses. With a new device, a Bamboo Spark, a association is anticipating to safety a handwritten note during a time when it is unequivocally quick apropos superfluous.

The Bamboo Spark is what Wacom is job a ‘smart folio’. Notes we make regulating a intelligent coop and pad will be incited into digital versions prepared to share online. The device uses a intelligent box that contains an electromagnetic inflection sensor, that communicates with a enclosed intelligent coop to record your strokes. It afterwards syncs with your phone or inscription around bluetooth, storing your scribblings digitally for after entrance around a concomitant app.

At a time when a palm created proceed is solemnly being eclipsed by digital alternatives, can Wacom’s device assistance to safety a once entire routine of note-taking, or does a Bamboo Spark simply prominence how old-fashioned a common coop and pad are?

Bamboo Spark – Design

Wacom are charity 3 versions of a device. One has a apparatus pocket
for holding a smartphone or additional paper, one has a inscription sleeve for
holding tablets with adult to a 9.7-inch (diagonal) display, and one comes
with a ‘snap-fit’ for iPad Air 2.

The folio, or case, itself is good built. The tech elements of it are minimal, with an on/off symbol on a bottom and another symbol in a spine of a box to sync your device and send records around bluetooth. Otherwise, a box is sincerely straightforward, with a trip for your notepad on a right and some apparatus pockets/tablet hilt on a left depending on that chronicle we have.


The intelligent coop is likewise good designed, nonetheless a small on a corpulent side. It’s a sincerely estimable distance that it no doubt needs to be in sequence to residence a compulsory tech compulsory to constraint your coop strokes digitally. It also uses customary ink, comes prepared to use and there are dual additional ink cartridges provided. The cartridges are half a customary distance of a ballpoint coop ink refill so we will need to shuffle from Wacom once we run out. The coop itself also writes easily but, aside from a record that allows it to sync your notes, it is a sincerely customary ballpoint pen.

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Bamboo Spark – Setup

One of a best things about a Bamboo Spark is a impossibly easy set up. The device comes prepared to use and should have during slightest a 40% assign out of a box. If not, we can use a USB wire supposing to assign it (a full assign should yield 8 hours of use). Otherwise, usually switch it on and it’s prepared to be scrawled on.

In sequence to see your handwritten records digitised you’ll need to download a concomitant app. But this is usually as pain-free as a earthy setup. Once you’ve got a app it’s simply a matter of following a on-screen instructions. we was tender with how straight-forward it all was and got true into sketch and syncing within mins of opening a box.

Bamboo Spark – Making Notes

As good as a box and intelligent pen, Wacom provides we with a 30-page notepad so we can start origination records true away. This can be replaced for your possess A5 cover when we run out of pages. Once you’ve finished a page of notes, we usually strike a symbol in a center of a folio to store it before starting on a subsequent page.

To start origination records we don’t need to do anything other than spin a device on. Even before you’ve synced a inscription or phone, a digital cover can store adult to 100 of your doodlings. So not usually can we start storing records true away, though if in a destiny we find yourself unexpected desirous with usually your Bamboo Spark to hand, we can record your thought and save it to be synced with both device and a cloud later.

The electromagnetic sensor is ostensible to be means to clarity pressure, so your desirous designs will be steadily recreated on a digital app. However, as we can see from a next comparison, a sensor isn’t quite responsive, unwell to reconstruct a lightest touches and origination a disproportion between a dual darkest lines roughly indistinguishable.


This isn’t a large understanding for a infrequent note taker, and substantially won’t even make a outrageous disproportion to designers who wish to store simple sketches. But for those looking for accurate recreations of their dictatorial artwork, a Bamboo Spark is no surrogate for a graphics tablet.

You’ll also wish to be clever not to pierce a pages, even slightly, while you’re writing. The device might be smart, though it’s not intelligent adequate to detect a transformation of particular pages so if you’re sketch on a notepad make certain a page doesn’t float adult or double slightly, differently a finish outcome will be a twisted design. Both a problem of relocating a page and a reduction than stellar vigour intuiting can be seen in a instance below.


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Bamboo Spark – Syncing Notes

Once you’ve downloaded a app and synced your phone or tablet, your records will be eliminated from a Bamboo Spark to a app around bluetooth. Although it worked ideally a initial time we synced my phone to a device, we had to re-sync it any other time we incited a Bamboo Spark behind on. Still, once both a app and device were linked, indeed transferring a records is a unequivocally discerning routine and all were recreated accurately.

Just be careful. If we are deliberation signing adult to Wacom’s cloud service, that offers 5GB of storage for free, do it when we initial sync your phone or tablet. we done several records that synced to my Bamboo Spark app before signing adult to a cloud service, usually to remove them once we sealed adult after on. It is value formulating an comment if we wish to entrance your creations from anywhere, as a Bamboo Spark will automatically sync records to a cloud during a same time it transfers them to your device, permitting we to entrance them from any web browser.


Bamboo Spark App

There are some unequivocally considerable facilities contained in a Bamboo Spark app, accessible for both Android and iOS. One of these is a ability to rewind and quick brazen by a origination of your stored records and ‘split’ them into dual apart files. This ‘split’ underline is honestly useful. It brings adult a timeline indicator next your note, permitting we to corkscrew by a origination and get a full replay. You can afterwards apart it into dual apart images formed on where we leave a timeline indicator. What’s more, if we make an random split, a app lets we to mix a dual images behind into one.

There was one instance where we forgot to press a symbol between branch pages, ensuing in one digital picture with dual pages of records on tip of one another. Using a ‘split’ feature, we could rewind by my note holding to a indicate where we should have pulpy a sync symbol and apart a note into dual apart images.

The app also lets we supplement to your note with a ‘Draw’ feature. You can use a simple coop apparatus to emanate lines and hold adult any of your synced records though there isn’t many else in terms of modifying collection provided.

Once we have your records looking how we wish we can trade them possibly away as Jpegs, PDFs or in Wacom’s possess WILL format, or we can mix pages to trade them as a multi-page PDF.

All of a facilities work well, and we had no problems syncing, splitting, and sketch on images. In this sense, a Bamboo Spark is during a best as a intelligent folio and app but, as you’ll see from a following sections, there is some-more to it than that.

Bamboo Spark – Other Services

Once you’ve sealed adult to Wacom Cloud we can use Inkspace, a company’s web portal for observation and pity notes. Using Inkspace, we can trade saved records in PDF and JPG formats and share them with third celebration products, usually as we can with a app. The use doesn’t yield any some-more modifying facilities than those that come with a Bamboo Spark app.

You can also download a note from Inkspace in Wacom’s WILL (Wacom Ink Layer Language) record format that allows we to open it in a Bamboo Paper app; another serve to a horde of services accessible for tinkering with your designs once they’ve been synced. Bamboo Paper allows we to serve raise your records with colours and several sketch tools.

All in all, it would have been nicer if Wacom had kept it to one app and one online portal. Unless you’ve been by a routine of signing adult to a cloud, exploring Inkspace, and downloading a Bamboo Paper app, it can be a small confusing. Initially we struggled to figure out what any of these services do and wondered since all a several facilities couldn’t be one in one service.

What’s more, Bamboo Paper isn’t accessible on comparison versions of Android, so if you’re perplexing to figure out what any use does and occur to have a phone that hasn’t been upgraded to a a new chronicle of Android, you’ll consternation what you’re blank out on in a Bamboo Paper app.

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Should we buy Bamboo Spark?

Wacom’s website encourages we to buy a Bamboo Spark since “when that good thought arrives, you’ll wish to constraint it in a many available approach we know”. The difficulty is that I’m not certain coop and paper is a many available any more.

If a vigour intuiting were somewhat some-more manageable afterwards a evidence for regulating a coop and paper being some-more available for designers would be some-more convincing. As it stands, you’re improved off slicing out a center male and regulating a graphics inscription if we wish to record designs and start pity them immediately.

In terms of students, harangue halls via a complicated universe are filled with people typing records on laptops and it seems a widen to suppose them all filing in to category holding Bamboo Sparks, generally deliberation it would cost them upwards of £100 to do so. Still, a device is a ideal choice for those who wish a digital request though cite to take hand-written notes, and if that sounds like you, it’s value investing in a intelligent folio.

Reservations about a device’s focus aside, a Bamboo Spark is impossibly easy to use and manages to reconstruct your hand-drawn designs steadily and accurately. What it does, it does well. Combine that with peculiarity pattern and an app that does all we need it to do and it’s unequivocally tough to find error with a device in terms of doing what it’s ostensible to do.


A good built, easy-to-use, and novel device that does accurately what it promises.

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