Wamba Technologies Gives Dream Job to Lucky GCU Student

Scottsdale’s Wamba Technologies is an adult and entrance eSports association featuring an considerable lineup of talent. Andy Ashcraft (God of War 2, God of War 3, Grand Turismo 4) and Brian Upton (Chief Designer for Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon, Tom Clancy: Rainbow Six) do pattern work for Wamba. Their Chief Security Officer, Joe Bagdon, before did cyber confidence for a Air Force, Fidelity, and Raleigh. Jody Whitfill, lead programmer for Wamba, a longtime medical programmer for BioTelemetry and financier into Wamba’s eSports height brings decades of programming knowledge to a table. Jason Webb, Wamba’s obvious profession was concerned in a obvious that was sole to Apple for a supposed $500M. All of this talent is only a tip of a iceberg with Wamba Technologies and, with all of this talent, Wamba has given a dream event to immature talent uninformed out of Phoenix’s Grand Canyon University.

“By pairing adult uninformed and fervent talent with longtime veterans, we are laying a substructure for some extraordinary destiny leaders in a company. This module is called a Launch Program. It takes a tyro who routinely would have spent years or decades being neat for high-end government and launches them into that space within a year,” pronounced Gary Denham, owner and CEO of Wamba Technologies.

Sarah Vosburgh, a GCU connoisseur with a Bachelors of Arts in Digital Design with an importance in animation was one of a propitious few GCU students comparison for Wamba’s prestigious Launch Program. When asked about a experience, she replied, “It’s been a illusory training knowledge and a ideal introduction to a diversion growth attention and we couldn’t have asked for more. We began concurrently redesigning an existent diversion called Waffle Smash as good as building a code new diversion that we can't plead publicly yet. It’s been a blast!”

“Sarah’s been a godsend,” pronounced Gary Denham. “This module is extraordinary since these new graduates get to work with people they never suspicion they’d get to work with right out of school. We aren’t articulate about basic jobs either. They are an constituent partial of what we are doing and are only as profitable to a association as any of a super stars.”

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