Watch this Destiny actor solo a new Crota’s End raid

Destiny‘s Crota’s End raid is now a hardest ease in a game, yet that hasn’t stopped one Guardian from completing it on his own.

A actor who goes by a name of ”sc Slayerage” managed to finish a whole thing from start to finish solo—it is designed for 6 players. As you’ll see in a video above, a Hunter’s invisibility helped in stealing past a initial few areas. The customarily genuine emanate he came conflicting was with a final argue with Crota. At spin 31 his repairs usually wasn’t adequate to finish a fight, so he was forced to leave and spin adult to 32 in method to finish a raid.

“sc Slayerrage” has also before finished Destiny’s other raid, The Vault of Glass, with usually twin people.

Crota’s End was total with The Dark Below DLC, that is permitted now for $19.99 and adds a raid, a new Strike (two for PlayStation), 3 PvP maps, new weapons, and armor, and ups a extent Light Level to 32.

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