WC: South Africa vs Sri Lanka live scorecard

11.2   Kyle Abbott to Thirimanne, no run (Score after 11.2 Ov – 38)

11.1   Kyle Abbott to Thirimanne, no run, good fielding by Duminy during cover-point (Score after 11.1 Ov – 38)

Kyle Abbott [3.0-1-11-1] is behind into a attack

10.6   M Morkel to Sangakkara, no run, was there bat involved? Sangakkara on a bound as he unsuccessful to understanding with a pointy nip-backer from Morkel, it nipped behind in and held him on a shuffle, need a replay to endorse either there was an inside corner onto a pads. Anyway it didn’t matter as a round didn’t lift to point. Too high to aver a critical lbw appeal. Morkel has his hands on his conduct (Score after 10.6 Ov – 38)

10.5   M Morkel to Sangakkara, no run, rising and on Sangakkara’s body, he hops and drops it down a wicket with soothing hands (Score after 10.5 Ov – 38)

10.4   M Morkel to Sangakkara, no run, pushed opposite Sangakkara, who gets brazen and rises his bat high over his head, to let it go (Score after 10.4 Ov – 38)

10.3   M Morkel to Thirimanne, 1 run, pushed off a front feet far-reaching of mid-off and a discerning singular taken (Score after 10.3 Ov – 38)

10.2   M Morkel to Thirimanne, no run, a shrill scream of ‘no’ from Thirimanne as he defends to cover-point off a front feet (Score after 10.2 Ov – 37)

10.2   M Morkel to Sangakkara, 2 wides, Morkel sprays it good down leg and a late pitch creates it unfit for de Kock to stop it. He dived to his right, though a round strike a corner of a glove and ricocheted divided to excellent leg (Score after 10.2 Ov – 37)

Morkel is lacing his boots. A slight delay. A margin change as good as AB gets into a act

10.1   M Morkel to Sangakkara, no run, pointed opposite Sangakkara who is calm to leave all those ones outward off to go to de Kock (Score after 10.1 Ov – 35)

9.6   Steyn to Sangakkara, 1 run, brief and down leg, Sangakkara swivel-pulls to excellent leg, for a singular (Score after 9.6 Ov – 35)

9.5   Steyn to Thirimanne, 1 run, now driven far-reaching of mid-off, easy singular (Score after 9.5 Ov – 34)

9.4   Steyn to Thirimanne, FOUR, Thirimanne is holding a vigour off Sangakkara. He is a one who is personification a strokes and holding on a bowlers. When he sees a bit of breadth he goes after a bowling. Full and far-reaching outward off, lofted over mid-off. Calculated, though but any risk for he was always clearing a fielder (Score after 9.4 Ov – 33)

9.3   Steyn to Thirimanne, no run, behind of a length outward off, Thirimanne gets brazen and punches it into a cover segment (Score after 9.3 Ov – 29)

9.2   Steyn to Thirimanne, 2 runs, flicked far-reaching of mid-on, Tahir gives follow and keeps it to a integrate (Score after 9.2 Ov – 29)

You have to watch Steyn’s greeting after removing Dilshan. What a bark that was accompanied by those eyes. The veins on his neck were clearly manifest as well. So simply could’ve popped a haughtiness there! But does Steyn care? we don’t consider so. YouTube stuff!

9.1   Steyn to Thirimanne, no run, Thirimanne gets a bit squared adult and defends to cover, a bat incited on impact (Score after 9.1 Ov – 27)

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