We don’t need this 1200W Platinum Power Supply, though we still unequivocally wish it

Asus has announced an positively profusion 1200W energy supply that comes finish with an 80 Plus Platinum potency rating. It’s called a Asus ROG Thor. 

There’s positively no approach your gaming PC needs a energy supply that’s this powerful. As graphics cards and CPUs have grown over a years, they’ve indeed been wanting reduction and reduction power.

Nowadays, it’s singular to find a gaming PC that needs most some-more than an 800W PSU, generally if it’s make-up only a singular graphics card.

But infrequently being extreme is fun, and that’s where a ROG Thor 1200W comes in. This absurd energy supply is even named after a God of rumble himself, in box we indispensable any some-more explanation of a excess.

At slightest it’s efficient

The excellent folks over during TomsHardware have finished some sleuthing and have detected that a PSU appears to be formed on a Seasonic Prime model, though Asus has combined a integrate of tweaks such as customisable RGB lighting and a nifty OLED shade that will uncover energy expenditure (in other words, you’ll be means to see only how most you don’t need a energy supply that’s this powerful).

However, even if you’re not regulating each Watt that this energy supply is able of you’ll still advantage from a Platinum potency rating. This rating means that whatever energy you’re sketch from a PSU, it will still be during slightest 89% efficient.

Ultimately you’ll be left with a energy supply that gets most reduction prohibited underneath load, and generally wastes reduction of your costly electricity.

There’s no word nonetheless on a recover date or cost for a Asus ROG Thor 1200W, though with this wattage and energy potency we don’t design it to come cheap.

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