Wenco Mine Performance Suite 6 Reimagines Dispatching, Analytics, and…

Our business are starting to demeanour closer during how to clear dark value in information collected opposite their operations. There is also a endless event with predictive upkeep solutions to significantly boost member life and forestall failures…

Wenco International Mining Systems is gratified to announce a recover of Wenco Mine Performance Suite 6. The perfection of several years of investigate and development, a sixth chronicle of a Wenco Mine Performance Suite pushes a bounds of cave software. It moves Wenco over normal dispatch systems, incorporating user interface enhancements and across-the-suite formation for softened insights, reserve and performance.

System 6 builds on Wenco’s 30-year story in mining systems with several step-changes to a apartment of solutions. This chronicle includes a finish reimagining of flagship Wencomine Fleet Management System that capacitate business to benefit even some-more opening from each shift. Expanded information sell and interoperability opposite a Wenco apartment – including appurtenance guidance, collision avoidance, maintenance, and business comprehension offerings – commission business to precedence their information to remove even some-more value from their mines.

New Powerful and Intuitive Dispatch Interface. Revolutionary changes in a user interface — such as parsimonious formation of a maps and dispatch interfaces and a finish redesign for a programmed dispatch pattern — yield dispatchers a some-more fit and discerning approach to guard and correlate with their mobile fleet.

“We have perceived good feedback from a beta site users that indicated this was a vital step brazen towards improving potency and shortening vigour on dispatchers.”

  • Andrea Blazenko, Product Manager, Wencomine Fleet Management

Automated Dispatch Optimization, Made Easy. Taking Wenco’s pioneering innovations in dispatch automation a step further, a Wencomine Dynamic Dispatch is now configured by a new user-friendly visible prolongation formulation interface. Users see a finish visible overview of shovels and their reserved lorry groupings as good as dump sites. Users point-and-click to settle targets by tons-per-hour, utilization, and dump site targets by volume and class or mix required.

More Insight in Every Shift — and for a Life of Your Mine. Wenco has focused endless bid on charity mines some-more value and discernment from data. System 6 helps dispatchers and managers accumulate some-more insights in real-time – and over a life of a cave – with softened dashboards, information cleansing, and business comprehension support.

New Wenco dashboards broach real-time insights, displaying cargo correspondence percentage, wait times, bucket-by-bucket loading, hourly swell to prolongation target, and more. These dashboards make it easy to brand and support underperforming prolongation before a change is complete.

Extensive upgrades to transport cycle analytics give users and managers a certainty of meaningful precisely how dispatch automation is behaving eccentric of other factors, enlivening larger insight, confidence, and user adoption. Advanced information clarification prepares information for storage, ensuring morality and clarity when building reports or joining to business comprehension applications to remove broader insight.

The Future is Here — More Insight, More Predictable Performance. Leveraging a interoperability enhancements, a Wenco Mine Performance Suite 6 introduces dual rarely expected solutions:

  • Avoca BI — a absolute information warehousing and cave comprehension application
  • ReadyLine — a predictive upkeep formulation and condition monitoring resolution

“Our business are starting to demeanour closer during how to clear dark value in information collected opposite their operations. There is also a endless event with predictive upkeep solutions to significantly boost member life and forestall inauspicious failures for some-more predicted availability.”

  •     David Noble, Vice President, Research and Development

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About Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd.

For over 30 years, Wenco has grown record solutions to assistance mining companies boost productivity. Wenco offers a apartment of cave capability solutions including Fleet Management, Asset Health, Proximity Detection, Mining Business Analytics High Precision Machine Guidance Solutions.

Wenco works closely with business to capacitate them to remove unrealized value from their operations and strives to be famous as a attention personality for arguable solutions in cave safety, productivity, and efficiency.

A Hitachi association given 2009, Wenco is a unconditionally owned auxiliary of Hitachi Construction Machinery, with domicile in Vancouver, Canada.

Wenco Mine Performance Suite System 6. The subsequent step on a tour to assisting mines comprehend formerly unrealized value from operations data, parsimonious interoperability and situational awareness, and creation opening some-more predictable.



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