Where Are All a Women? Does Engineering Need an Image Overhaul to Attract Top Talent?

By 2022, a UK will need during slightest 1.82 million engineers, scientists and record professionals, according to Dame Prof. Ann Dowling, President of a Royal Academy of Engineering. As it stands, fewer than 130,000 of those will be women.

There’s a clear engineering skills gap. But some-more worryingly, there’s a gender gap. Only 7% of engineers in a UK are women and that figure is going to get lower, given a series of womanlike engineering apprentices now working.

More conspicuous than a under-representation in engineering is a apparent miss of enterprise among females to pursue engineering in a initial place. As many as half of churned state schools have 0 girls holding production during A-level. Single sex schools have a somewhat aloft strike rate.

More than 70 students aged 16-19 took partial in Engineer Your Future, an beginning launched by Crossrail to boost appearance in engineering. Crossrail says that perceptions of engineering are a problem. It’s a ‘man’s job,’ according to a children it spoke to.

A new investigate into perceptions of potency in a work marketplace conducted by tainted continue wardrobe manufacturer Stormline bears this out. it asked over 1,000 adults to arrange jobs and industries on a scale of potency and operative was rated as a manliest job. Soldier, butcher, chef, blacksmith, surgeon and cook also rated really highly.

“We consecrated a investigate to see if perceptions of certain jobs competence make them homely to differently ideal candidates. There’s positively a miss of females in engineering, quite in a UK where a investigate was conducted, and we trust perceptions of what is men’s and women’s work plays a partial in that. It would be good to see these stereotypes blur and for there to be a some-more offset workforce in these traditionally male-dominated jobs” pronounced Regan McMillan of Stormline.

Working conditions was a large influencer on perceptions of what constitutes men’s work. One in 5 pronounced oppressive operative conditions done a pursuit manly. Only one pursuit out of a tip 10 ‘manliest’ was bureau based.

Steve Grylls is executive of Apex Office, a organisation specialising in artistic bureau interiors. He believes complicated offices are too good to be deliberate ‘manly’ environments. “Offices are designed to be comfortable, protected and appealing places to work in. You mislay all nonessential hurdles to capability when conceptualizing an office.

“Everything is organized and neat. Your meridian can be altered during a pull of a button. Aesthetics are respected. Compared to a frozen cold trawler rug or an subterraneous construction site, an bureau is paradise. It’s easy to see because offices aren’t noticed as inherently virile places and boats, building sites and oil rigs are. It’s mocking that it takes a group of engineers to pattern and emanate these bureau spaces in a initial place.”

But ‘manliness’ aside, shouldn’t engineering still be an appealing pursuit to all? The normal income for a automatic operative starting out is only underneath £30,000, according to payscale.com. The work is varied, rewarding and transport is a common perk. So because are perceptions of engineering jobs steering people divided from careers in that they’d excel? By a time a intensity subsequent Elon Musk or Marissa Mayer realises that engineering isn’t all frostbite and swearing, it’s too late.

Caroline Livesey is a comparison plan operative now operative as a geotechnical pattern consultant. She’s also Ironman All World Athlete Champion 2014, so knows some-more than many about being a lady in a supposed man’s world. She believes it’s some-more than only perceptions that make engineering a tough contention for women.

“I consider this stems from a governmental disposition that tends to categorize women and group into specific roles. we consider a knock-on impact of this is that we are prone to assume that women can't make good engineers as it is not a purpose that we naturally see them in.

“The downside of this is that women continue to have to mangle down those barriers in sequence to swell in this industry. They have to work distant harder than their masculine counterparts to acquire respect, to progress, and to be devoted technically.

“Engineering is a plan formed career -and a work can mostly embody brief and prolonged tenure visits to sites. When women in engineering have children this can extent their ability to respond to those requests – that are deliberate a pivotal partial of many engineering roles.

“There are not adequate purpose models for immature girls in a industry. Perhaps an X-factor form uncover to find someone to build a subsequent “world’s tallest building” would make engineering seem some-more accessible. We have to somehow find a approach to make engineering seem permitted to all people from all genders and all walks of life.”

Humanising a pursuit and fasten a dots between engineering achievements and a teams concerned would be a step in a right direction.

The Big Bang Fair is carrying a certain impact in this regard. A huge jubilee of engineering, scholarship and maths, it enables immature people to accommodate engineers concerned in some of a many sparkling projects now on a go.

There’s a foe for immature achievers too and it’s enlivening to see that final year’s Young Engineer of a Year and Young Scientists of a Year were all female; a former being Rebecca Simpson, who designed and built an arcade diversion that encourages youngsters to correct their science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects and a latter being twins, Ameeta and Aneeta Kumar, who designed an early evidence apparatus for cancer.

“Without engineers,” pronounced Prof. Brian Cox in a new talk with Adam Parsons, “we’d be exposed in a forest. But go into a propagandize and ask who wants to be an engineer, you’ll get a few kids lifting their hands. Ask who wants to build a spaceship and a lot of people lift their hand.”

When a realities of engineering are brought to life – either it’s articulate about a founders of Google or a people who make certain Glastonbury runs but a join – a function unexpected becomes as appealing as any in uncover business or sport.

If someone could do for engineering what Jamie Oliver did for cooking or what Brian Cox did for physics, appearance rates would many expected go by a roof. If that someone was female, even better.

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