Whirlpool WIO 3T123 PEF

What is a Whirlpool WIO 3T123 PEF?

If we have examination a examination of Whirlpool’s super ADP900IX freestanding dishwasher, nonetheless wish that turn of facilities and opening in an integrated model, check out a brand’s WIO 3T123 PEF. Designed to fit within a kitchen sideboard and dark behind a seat door, this built-in dishwasher boasts Whirlpool’s 6th Sense and PowerClean jet technologies.

Its A appetite rating proves a tiny desirous in reality, nonetheless there’s no arguing with a cleaning prowess. It consistently delivers one of a best cleans we’ve seen from any dishwasher, and is by distant a best among integrated models that have graced a exam bench.

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Whirlpool WIO 3T123 PEF – What’s it like to use?

If your kitchen facilities built-in appliances, thereafter your options for an integrated dishwasher have formerly been both singular and generally distant some-more costly than freestanding models. Enter Whirlpool’s WIO 3T123 PEF integrated dishwasher, braggadocio many of a tech from a brand’s top-spec freestanding models in a neat, likewise labelled and entirely integrated package.

This 10-programme, 14 place-setting appurtenance comes to a TrustedReviews’ exam dais earnest an A appetite rating, spare H2O consumption, and stretchable racking and stacking. As befits an integrated, a controls are all along a tip corner of a doorway and a yellow operation light shines down onto your building – plain when a appurtenance is regulating and flashing once a cycle has ended.

Fit and finish on a inside is superb, with a well-spoken immaculate steel enclosing and baskets on copiousness of rollers. There’s a wealthy brushed-metal trim with embossed legends on a basket handles and resisting red tools to prominence operational clips and fittings.

These embody a tip basket tallness composition and tray-rest mechanism. At a back of a cell we can see a startling figure of Whirlpool’s PowerClean jet system. This creates an heated blast of H2O and antiseptic that literally jet-washes apparatus in a revoke basket.

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On this indication a normal cutlery basket has been transposed by a third basket/tray during a unequivocally tip of a machine. Cutlery can be laid prosaic for improved cleaning, easier loading and unloading, and safety. Do we know how many people finish adult stabbing themselves on upturned knives and forks in normal dishwasher baskets any year? No, conjunction do we – nonetheless during Chez Stevenson it’s about once a month.

Detergent, rinse assist and salt containers are all traditionally placed and there’s no pre-wash antiseptic cell on this machine. Whirlpool is assured that a 6th Sense and PowerWash cleaning record creates pre-washing redundant. Bold claims, indeed.

However, distinct a top-spec freestanding indication we tried, this integrated apparatus doesn’t underline Whirlpool’s PowerDry system. It relies on some-more normal feverishness and evaporation.

Door-edge control panels are never going to be as sharp as fascia controls, nonetheless a WIO 3T123 PEF is flattering elementary to use. You corkscrew by programme numbers (indicated by legends on a right of a doorway edge), name your options, and close a doorway to start.

The elementary arrangement shows module series and red warnings for low salt and low rinse aid. The doorway itself is over-heavily sprung and stiff, nonetheless supplement several kilos of kitchen sideboard doorway to this resource and it will be ideally balanced.

WPintDW 4

Whirlpool WIO 3T123 PEF – What programmes does it have?

This 10-programme appurtenance is doubtful to leave we wanting for a specific rinse cycle, even if a 10th programme is indeed a self-cleaning mode. The initial programme in a menu, and a one on that a appetite tag ratings are based, is a Eco wash. Like all Eco washes it sips water, uses unequivocally tiny electricity and takes some time to complete… 3hrs 40mins in this machine’s case.

Perhaps some-more sparkling is Whirlpool’s 6th Sense programme. This uses a raft of sensors to detect how unwashed a bucket is (by regulating a turbidity sensor that looks during a H2O during any proviso of a wash) and adjusts duration, H2O expenditure and electricity accordingly. It’s a go-to programme for good rinse results, nonetheless chances are it will use a few some-more resources than a spare Eco programme unless your rinse is usually unequivocally easily dirty.

You get a prohibited (65oC) complete programme for pots and pans; a Daily programme for simple plates and crockery; and a Silent programme for use overnight – or when we wish a power-nap on your kitchen worktop. This mode reduces siphon vigour to keep a sound of H2O sloshing around to a minimum.

WPintDW 1

If you’re pushed for time thereafter a Rapid 30 programme promises a discerning purify nonetheless drying in 30 minutes, while a Crystal programme is privately designed to purify adult a full bucket of glassware. If there was ever a post house-party rinse cycle, this is it.

The final 3 programmes are appendage facilities some-more than full rinse cycles in their possess right. There’s a 12-minute Prewash programme to rinse off unequivocally unwashed pots, pans and crockery, possibly before a normal cycle or handwashing; and a Self-Clean programme to purify a dishwasher itself. There’s also a 65oC Sanitizing antibacterial rinse that’s ideal for baby bottles or wine- and beer-making equipment.

Programme options embody Multizone cleaning that addresses any one of a 3 baskets individually, a turbo underline to speed adult rinse time, a PowerWash option, and a Tablet symbol that optimises a rinse for multi-funtion tablets.

WPintDW 5

Whirlpool WIO 3T123 PEF – How loud is it?

Bearing in mind we exam sound of appliances in giveaway space with no seat door, we can design any integrated apparatus to be a satisfactory bit quieter than a exam formula when commissioned in your kitchen.

That said, a Whirlpool 3T123 is no ASBO watchful to occur for noise, even out in a open. Okay, a appetite tag claims 43dB, nonetheless like any dishwasher we’ve tested so far, when we cruise a sloshing H2O sound a existence is a lot louder.

Yet not a lot in a box of a WIO 3T123 PEF. Recording some somewhat singular nonetheless unequivocally good measurements, in a initial 30 mins of a categorical cycle this dishwasher ran during an normal of 47dB – nonetheless had 4 two-minute prolonged peaks of 52dB. We assume this is a PowerWash tech kicking in. Yet, after a cycle had progressed past a initial 40 mins or so, a rise sound forsaken to around 47dB.

We ran a sound tests a integrate of times with a same result, so assume this sound settlement is a Whirlpool’s customary operational sound. It’s distant from noisy, though, measuring partially good with good freestanding dishwashers during this price.

Get this appurtenance propitious into a kitchen body with a doorway on a front and it will be substantially inaudible. A good result.

WPintDW 6

Whirlpool WIO 3T123 PEF – How good does it wash?

Baked beans, Weetabix, scrambled egg microwaved in a Pyrex play and red booze covers many of a food groups compulsory for an active reviewer’s lifestyle. It also gives us copiousness of bowls to exam a dishwashers too.

We leave a unwashed bowls and utensils for during slightest 24 hours to dry off to a concrete-like hardness before entirely loading a exam appurtenance with assorted daily crockery and a exam items. Using mainstream-brand salt, rinse assist and a dishwasher inscription on any load, we magnitude energy, water, sound and rinse formula for any test.

The initial Eco programme rinse incited in some startling results. On a down side, a cycle used around 20% some-more electricity than claimed and a programme generation could be totalled in epochs. Well okay, scarcely 4 hours. Whirlpool claims 0.93kWh for this cycle, nonetheless we totalled around 1.2kWh on both tests, some of that can be attributed to sincerely cold estuary H2O temperatures in November.

Conversely, H2O expenditure was mark on or better, measuring usually over 8.5 litres to a good book’s explain of 9.5 litres. As Eco programmes go, appetite and H2O expenditure would usually about scratch into A-rating in a test. Good overall, nonetheless positively not well-developed among mid-premium dishwashers in a A category.

WPintDW 10

On a other hand, cleaning formula on Eco were outstanding. In fact, they were one of a best we’ve seen from any dishwasher, integrated or freestanding, regulating an Eco programme!

The Weetabix, red booze mark and baked beans were all totally gone, and a dried-on microwaved scrambled egg had all nonetheless dead too. Just a integrate of unequivocally tiny particles remained. A discerning purify with a tea towel and we’d have been happy to put a play away, such was a cleanliness. That’s a fanciful outcome for a “impossible” exam from any dishwasher regulating an Eco programme.

We ran a Eco programme exam a second time in box a free-range chickens were laying utterly less-than run-down eggs this week. We got a same class-leading results. Moreover, a glassware in a same bucket was stunning; ideally clean, buffed to a clear shine, and not a strain or watermark to be seen.

The usually slight smirch in an differently ideal outcome was that drying wasn’t utterly perfect. As is common for an Eco cycle perplexing to revoke electricity consumption, a upturned bases of tea cups still had light H2O pooling.

And so, we were utterly vehement to see a formula of a some-more heated 6th Sense programme. In terms of cleaning, it didn’t disappoint!

Raising a buffing bar even serve over a Eco programme, a exam subjects were 100% purify – and even a scrambled egg play that we announced as “perfect” and prepared to put divided in a cupboard. A fanciful (and unequivocally rare) result.

As was a box with a Eco programme, drying was unequivocally good nonetheless some light pooling in water-traps remained. We missed a miss of Whirlpool’s PowerDry underline here.

WPintDW 12WPintDW 13

The downside was that this arrange of cleaning bravery does come during a price. While a totalled 14.2 litres of H2O is a bit high, it’s still substantially reduction than you’d use soaking a same bucket in a sink. But appetite expenditure of over 1.8kWh is unequivocally high by complicated A appurtenance standards, and a integrate of hundred watts some-more than that claimed by Whirlpool for this cycle.

Yet, let’s put this into viewpoint of a altogether package. You have a entirely integrated, well-featured appurtenance that can do sincerely spare (Eco programme) with a unequivocally good clean…. or can do a severely heated purify (6th Sense programme) on tough stains for a few pence of electricity and H2O more.

Frankly, I’d contend that choice is carrying your cake and eating it. And being means to purify a image afterwards.

WPintDW 11

Whirlpool WIO 3T123 PEF – How many will it cost to run?

This integrated sensor dishwasher will respond to how we use it and to how unwashed a apparatus in your rinse bucket are. Commensurately, a regulating costs are something of a non-static feast. Compared to some counterpart A freestanding dishwashers on a market, regulating costs for electricity are positively higher, nonetheless not by a outrageous mountain of (dried on) beans.

Using a customary 250 washes per year, separate 50/50 Eco for customary loads and 6th Sense for heavily contaminated loads, a WIO 3T123 PEF would use around £56 in electricity and another £9-£10 in metered water.

This is about £20 per year some-more than a likes of Whirlpool’s possess flagship freestanding A-rated dishwasher. That disproportion doesn’t demeanour indomitable when we cruise a WIO 3T123 PEF boasts among a best dishwasher cleaning performances we can buy, however.

WPintDW 8

Should we buy a Whirlpool WIO 3T123 PEF?

Built-in convenience, copiousness of programmes, and one of a best dishwasher cleaning performances we’ve seen – either integrated or freestanding – make a WIO 3T123 PEF a overwhelming performer.

By a calculations, regulating costs are about £15-£20 per year aloft than some of a many fit A freestanding models – nonetheless for integrated character and overwhelming cleaning results, a WIO 3T123 PEF sets a benchmark during a price.


Fantastic cleaning formula and built-in character put a WIO 3T123 PEF among a unequivocally best integrated dishwashers we can buy.

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