Whirlpool WME36562 X

What is a Whirlpool WME36562 X?

The Whirlpool WME36562 X is a high freestanding fridge braggadocio outrageous cooling ability and luxury. Fitting orderly into a 60cm opening and with a reward immaculate steel finish, a slim doors concede full entrance to a interior even if limited by a side wall. The wardrobe-sized interior offers space for flattering many anything we wish to chill over 5 shelves, dual drawers and an array of doorway pockets.

It’s A++ appetite rated for low using costs, has an antibacterial filter in a air-circulation cooling complement and facilities Whirlpool’s 6th Sense record that adapts heat and steam to assistance keep food fresher for longer. Partnered with a relating WVE26552 NFX freezer, these models have been designed to offer some-more practicality and even incomparable cooling ability than US-style corresponding appliances. They broach on that promise.

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Whirlpool WME36562 X – Design

At scarcely 1.9m high and 60cm wide, a WME36562 X is an commanding savage of a fridge yet a neat looks and lush immaculate steel finish make it an appealing proposition. The finish is estimable of sold note as Whirlpool has managed to emanate a unequivocally ‘steel’ veteran demeanour yet a aspect being too disposed to finger marks.

The radiance is low and rarely lead yet try as we competence finger-marks unsuccessful to blotch a aspect distinct some other brushed steel finishes we have tried.

The well-spoken front door, with controls and arrangement secluded behind, is finished with a Whirlpool badge in resisting metal. It is indeed utterly a looker and offers a turn of fit and finish that would not flaw products during twice a price.

The doorway handles are immeasurable and side mounted yet don’t have any process of releasing a unequivocally immeasurable doorway seal. As such a fridge doorway needs utterly a lift to open, adding to a plain build feel. Behind a doorway a touch-sensitive heat controls and arrangement are high adult on a tip heading edge, orderly out of a approach yet potentially an additional plea for shorter users.

The controls offer simple heat section, a switch to stop a high heat alarm and a quick cold underline for when we have put in lots of room heat produce. There is also a ‘Vacation Mode’ symbol that reduces appetite expenditure if a doorway is not going to be non-stop regularly.

The interior is typically frail and white with transparent potion shelves, transparent cosmetic drawers and grey trim that echoes a dim immaculate on a outside. The fan during a tip back and 6th Sense sensor located on a right palm side about mid-way adult need a tiny caring not to totally hinder them with produce.

An anti-bacterial filter is granted for a cooling complement that keeps germ – that can accelerate food decay – during brook and should extend a useable life of uninformed produce. This should be transposed annually.

The white LED lighting emanates from a tip and is deftly positioned nearby a front. This means that it manages to irradiate all a approach down to a reduce drawers even when a shelves are packaged out.

While a WME36562 X works as a standalone appliance, it is unashamedly designed to partner with a relating WVE26552 NFX freezer. This boasts an equally wealthy demeanour and feel, and a doorway that opens a other approach – nonetheless both can be topsy-turvy – to emanate a loyal corresponding experience.

Whirlpool even offers a fasten pack that bolts a dual units together and conceals a fixings. If we can find a 120cm far-reaching space for cooling appliances in your kitchen, a Whirlpool twin will demeanour a show-stopper centrepiece.

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Whirlpool WME36562 X – How many can we fit in?

Most of Tesco’s uninformed furnish isle we reckon, as a WME36562 X is scrupulously vast. Sporting as many cooling space as a immeasurable US-style corresponding fridge freezer, this Whirlpool fridge is ideal for a incomparable family or penetrating chef. The ideal tallness has afforded storage over 5 shelves, many of that can be lifted or lowered to accommodate taller equipment with ease. This is one of a few fridges we have tested where a full-width bottle shelve doesn’t unequivocally impact on your storage space and a top-to-bottom air-circulation cooling should meant a heat stays unchanging via a compartment.

Should all those shelves and racks not be sufficient for your chilling needs, a 5 full-width doorway pockets supplement adequate ability for another tiny family. These have tiny composition yet a incomparable reduce doorway slot is simply high and low to support taller bottles and comes with a shifting divider to stop sole bottles relocating if we open a doorway a bit too quickly.

The 3 midst pockets are ideal for smaller equipment such as jars and cans, and a tip slot has a lid so it can be used for dairy and equipment expected to give off a tiny odour. Do bear in mind, though, that a tip doorway slot is over 1.7m off a ground, so we competence have to get skilful during head-height egg juggling.

Down a reduce reaches of a WME36562 X are dual sweeping salad crisper drawers. These are both full width, unequivocally low and extend right to a front corner of a fridge compartment. They offer outrageous ability and intensity for losing tiny vegetables. Even when entirely installed a tip drawer moves openly on a easy slip rollers that stop to forestall a drawer entrance right out.

The bottom drawer runs on cosmetic sliders and can be simply private for a good rummage.

The atmosphere upsurge cooling again promises even heat and steam throughout, so distinct some other fridges there is not right or wrong place for certain items.

Whirlpool WME36562 X – How loud is it?

“Is it working?” is a doubt mostly listened around a exam trickery where complicated refrigerators are concerned, and a Whirlpool is no exception. Claiming 38dB sound on a EU appetite tag means we have to exam in a passed of night in still continue to grasp a low adequate ambient sound turn to measure.

Sure adequate a WME36562 X totalled only 39dB – reduce than a ambient sound in a library – when using and was totally giveaway of pops or clicks during any partial of a cycle. It is unequivocally unequivocally quiet.

Whirlpool WME36562 X – How good does it perform?

Whirlpool has been in a fridge business for many years, scarcely 60 in fact, and that knowledge shows in a technical exam formula as a WME36562 X is a technically ‘textbook’ machine. Using a normal loading of 0.5kg of churned furnish per 10 litres of storage ability concerned raiding some other domestic fridges, and a WME36562 X still looked utterly empty!

We set a heat to 4 degrees C and placed a information logging heat examine on each shelf and drawer, and on a bottle shelve for good measure. Opening a doorway 6 times per day we looked during how a appurtenance achieved over a two-day exam and how many appetite it used.

The tip dual shelves hold a fast normal heat of 6 degrees C, a midst shelf and booze shelve 5 degrees C and a bottom shelf and tip pull 4 grade C. The movement by a roughly accurately 2-hour prolonged compressor cycle was +/- 1.5 degrees during a tip and only +/- 1 grade C reduce down.

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The bottom drawer was marginally cooler during an normal of 3.5 grade C, and had a somewhat incomparable movement that dipped down to 1 grade and adult to 5 degrees via a cycle. That in itself is an glorious result; it’s only that a tip shelves are even better!

Rarely do we see a graph of heat over time that acts so consistently via a two-day test. In fact we ran a exam to 4 days only to make certain there wasn’t something peculiar going on. Nope. You could set your watch by this Whirlpool’s unchanging compressor cycle and leisure of any peculiar spikes or dips in temperature.

The cycle temperatures only kept repeating, repeating and repeating with no altogether heat climb during all, and to do this in such a immeasurable cupboard is a truly glorious technical performance.

This means we can be certain all your furnish stays as uninformed as possible, no matter how ethereal it is.

Whirlpool WME36562 X – How many will it cost to run?

With a A++ rating and claimed 144kWh/year appetite rating a WME36562 X is not going to cost a good understanding to run either. EU appetite tag tests are carried out in an ambient room heat of 25 degrees C, so a 18-19 grade C standard UK kitchen authorised a Whirlpool to use even reduction electricity – underneath 100kWh or reduction than £15 per year.

With some conduct scratching and adjusting of a lab coats we motionless errors competence have been done – so we did a dual day exam again… and got accurately a same result. OK, in a unequivocally prohibited kitchen sourroundings with a large family opening a doorway many times per day, a using costs will boost yet a Whirlpool’s low electricity check opposite such a outrageous cooling ability is outstanding.

Should we buy a Whirlpool WME36562 X?

With fanciful looks and finish, outrageous ability and ridiculously low using costs, a Whirlpool WME36562 X is an impossibly considerable fridge. The near-perfect exam results, impossibly still using and atmosphere dissemination cooling with antibacterial filter make it a technical debate de force too. Add in an appealing cost sheet good underneath £600 and a WME36562 X is a immaculate steel clad fridge bargain.

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A truly glorious fridge that’s ideal if we wish tip peculiarity cooling, loads of space and a fridge that’ll keep your food fresher for longer.

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