Wilko Stand Mixer 0434823

What is a Wilko Stand Mixer 0434823?

At a conflicting finish of a scale to dear mount mixers such as a KitchenAid Artisan comes this rarely affordable alternative. It’s elementary silken black pattern is packaged with accessible facilities for a price: non-slip feet, a 3-litre ability in a 4-litre bowl, 3 collection and even a splashguard. While simple mixers mostly miss energy and speed options, this indication includes a morally sized 800W engine and 12 speeds to hoop a accumulation of baking tasks.

Wilko Stand Mixer 0434823 – Design and Features

The figure of a mount mixer competence not drive distant from a norm, though it’s neat and functional. Fans of splendid colours will be unhappy to learn that it’s accessible usually in black, though chrome-effect highlights on a control dial and mixer physique supplement some interest.

Those with smaller kitchens will advantage from a Wilko Stand Mixer’s somewhat compress measure compared to full-sized models. Its stainless-steel play has prosaic handles during possibly side to assistance lift it out, though a bottom – that thatch into a mount mixer – is done of cosmetic and so might wear over time.

On a underside of a mixer, non-slip fool feet keep it resolutely planted on a worktop (although a representation we tested had usually 3 feet instead of four), and a crack switch on a front raises and lowers a mixer head.

Although a control dial facilities usually swap numbers for a speeds, it runs during those in-between, too. A slide-on cosmetic splashguard and 3 collection – a stainless-steel whisk, non-stick beater and non-stick brew offshoot – finish a package. Note that nothing of these collection is dishwasher safe.

A pivotal downside to this appurtenance is a limit run-time. At usually 7 minutes, with a compulsory rest of 20 mins between loads, it’s certain to delayed down complicated users.

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Wilko Stand Mixer 04348323

Wilko Stand Mixer 0434823 – What is it like to use?

Switching a collection on this mount mixer is achieved around a candid pull and turn suit – though it requires a small use to make certain any is firmly sealed in place. In addition, a crack switch for lifting and obscure a mixer conduct is a bit clunky and disposed to sticking.

We started by creation focaccia dough, regulating a vast apportion of oil with a customary bread mix. Placing a reduction into a play was easier while it wasn’t trustworthy to a machine, given there isn’t a lot of clearway when it’s in place, even when a mixer conduct is raised.

After attaching a brew offshoot and obscure a head, we started blending a brew on speed 2, lifting this to 4 once a reduction had come together. The recipe suggested kneading for 10 mins though we were singular to 7 minutes, after that time a mixer conduct was noticeably comfortable to a touch. After kneading, a brew was effervescent and of a formally soppy consistency. It valid and rose good as it baked.

Wilko Stand Mixer 04348323

Next, we done a cake beat regulating a beater with a splashguard, that slid onto a tip of a play (it’s not probable to insert this to a mixer head, so it needs to be put on and private for any cycle of mixing).

Adding flour, beaten eggs and melted butter, sugarine and sugarine to a bowl, we used speed 6 to primarily mix a mixture, afterwards lifted this to 8 to aerate a batter.

While on a surface, a heavenly suit of a beater seemed to be producing a well-spoken unchanging mixture, once this was poured out from a play into a tin, it transpired that there was a clump of pure flour beneath, indicating that a beater hadn’t reached all a approach to a bottom of a bowl. This compulsory pouring a beat behind into a play and some palm blending to finish.

Wilko Stand Mixer 04348323

We finished by regulating a drive to whip 4 egg whites on speed 12 to make meringue. This took about 5 mins until they were unbending and shaped peaks.

At this speed a mixer is noisy, though a non-slip feet helped it to stay solid on a worktop. Adding sugar, cornflour and vanilla extract, we continued whisking for another notation or so, until a reduction was well-spoken and glossy. The meringue mislaid some of a volume while baking, though it still emerged frail with a soft, feathery centre.

While all a accessories need hand-washing, they were pretty candid to clean, with usually a drive carrying a few ungainly crevices to wash.Wilko Stand Mixer 04348323

Should we buy a Wilko Stand Mixer 0434823?

While regulating this mount mixer will still be faster than defeat or blending by hand, it lacks a pointing and build peculiarity of pricier models. Since brew and batters might infrequently need a assisting hand, it substantially isn’t suitable for a amateur baker.

That aside, if you’re an gifted baker on a parsimonious budget, or only not certain how most you’ll use a mount mixer, a cost tab creates it a good approach to drop a toe in a water.


The Wilko Stand Mixer is good value, though can be unsatisfactory compared to some-more costly models.

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