WINNERS League Season 3 to Begin Oct 1st and it’s Shaping Up… has partnered with FACEIT once again for WINNERS League Season 3, that is moulding adult to be a league’s many energetic and rival deteriorate yet.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams from Europe and North America will be competing for a share of a $50,000 esteem pool. The foe has 3 divisions, creation it permitted for players of all levels, from up-and-coming competitors looking to work their approach adult a ladder to seasoned veterans wanting to make a statement.

“We’re happy to be means to minister to players’ growth and to gleam a spotlight on new and arriving talents. As a joining grows, these teams will usually get some-more opportunities for larger exposure,” WINNERS League plan lead Nick Gorbunov said.

The league’s Invite multiplication has an considerable $15,000 USD esteem pool. The organisation that comes out of invitational play winning will be rewarded $7,000, with a second-place organisation receiving $3,000.

The categorical multiplication has a $6,100 esteem pool, with a winning organisation receiving $2,500. The starter multiplication has a sum esteem pool of $4,800, with a tip fixation organisation receiving $2,000.

“We are unapproachable of a foe that happens on a circuit. Players have told us that they’re inspired for peculiarity competition, and we’re vehement to be means to move that to them both now and in a future,” Gorbunov said.

Gorbunov combined that WINNERS League aims to urge a players’ knowledge any season.

Season 3 will start on Oct 1 and will be played over a march of 10 weeks. The initial 7 weeks will underline a organisation theatre format, with teams battling any other as they manoeuvre for playoff positioning.

Signups start in early September. Registration information is accessible on and executive support is accessible by a central WINNERS League discord.

About WIN:

WIN is an esports association founded by esports enthusiasts, charity 3 categorical products. The initial is WIN.GG, an esports media height featuring editorial content, a database with thousands of actor and organisation entries, and live scores and schedules that concede users to lane a latest competitions in genuine time. The second is WINNERS League, a rival joining structure that is formed on a FACEIT platform. The third is, a sportsbook built from a belligerent adult privately for esports and a local audience.

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