Withings Activité Review

Hands-on: An activity tracker for watch fans

There’s usually so many gadgets we can wear on your wrist before we start looking stupid – a fact proprietor TrustedReviews wearable consultant Michael Sawh can verify. The answer, obviously, is to mix dual into one. That’s what a Withings Activité does.

But where a cheaper Withings Activité Pop appeals to a masses, a Withings Activité aims for a perceptive watch fan as most as a apparatus fiend. I’ve spent a day with it so distant and while a £320 cost tab is eye-popping, there’s no denying this is a peculiarity wearable.

Withings Activité 5

Most of that high cost tab is accounted for by dual words: ‘Swiss Made’. The Activité might demeanour identical to a cheaper cousin, yet it’s done in a famed watchmaking segment of Switzerland. Withings even names a village, Le Locle, usually in box we didn’t trust it.

This is reflected not usually in a dark peculiarity of a watch mechanism, yet in a materials used. The clear – that’s a potion bit over a dial – is done from sapphire, so it’s fundamentally cool to scratches and really strong. The case, meanwhile, is a light and grand immaculate steel and a tag is French stitched leather.

It all sounds costly and it feels it, too. You’re profitable for quality
and that’s accurately what we get. It’s a magnificently gentle watch that
wouldn’t demeanour out of place during grave occasions.

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Withings Activité 7

The core facilities are fundamentally a same as a Activité Pop, though. It’s waterproof down to 50m and it marks your steps, runs and sleeping patterns continuously. The battery lasts for an considerable 8 months and a spare, as good as a apparatus to prize a box behind off, is enclosed in a box. It will also lane swimming in future, yet that’ll come in an arriving program update.

The smart, analogue watch face is a same, too. The Activité comes in dual colours: white with blue accents and a brownish-red leather strap, or black with orange accents and a black leather strap. You also get a Silicone tag in a box for when we wish to strike a gym.

The categorical dials… tell a time – who knew? The smaller one tells we how distant you’ve progressed with your daily step goal. It’s a neat, grand arrangement.

Withings Activité 9

The final pivotal underline is a silent, moving alarm that’s set regulating a Health Mate app by Withings. we won’t go into abyss on a Withings app right now, yet it creates a good initial impression.

It’s really easy to set adult a Activité with a app on startup and a watch uses Bluetooth 4.0, so we don’t have to manually span it over Bluetooth – it automatically connects any time we launch a app.

The usually vivid repudiation during benefaction is a miss of Android support for a Activité, yet that’s due to be bound in a few weeks. It works excellent on iPhone, however, and even includes support for Apple’s Health app and Touch ID security.

Withings Activité

Early Verdict

Most people will go for a £120 Pop version, yet a Withings Activité creates a decent initial impression. It’s stylish adequate and reward adequate that you’d feel gentle wearing it on grave occasions, where a cheaper Pop would demeanour out of place. Few, if any, activity trackers can explain a same.

We’ll be edition full reviews of Activité watches in a week or two, yet let us know what you’d like to know in a comments.

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