Xbox Two: Microsoft confirms work has begun on a next-gen console

At E3 2018, Microsoft arguable work has begun on a next-generation of Xbox consoles. During a Xbox E3 conference, Xbox trainer Phil Spencer arguable that a hardware group is operative on a destiny for a Xbox family of systems.

What is engaging is that Spencer pronounced “consoles”, definition plural. Could Microsoft launch some-more than one next-gen console, like it has finished with a Xbox One X and Xbox One S?


While all stays a small vague, it’s positively sparkling for Microsoft to endorse work has begun, definition we are not distant divided from saying a glossy new system. Not usually that, though big-name publishers have also arguable they are operative on games for next-gen systems. During Bethesda’s E3 briefing, it arguable growth on a dual next-gen projects: Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6.

Trusted Reviews has dull adult all a latest news per a Xbox Two. We’ll refurbish this page as some-more information crops up, though for now here’s a wishlist!

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Xbox Two – What is it?

We have no thought yet. The Xbox One X usually launched in Nov 2017 and is presumably Microsoft’s iterative ascent as against to a mint generation.

The Xbox Two will expected be a approach aspirant to Sony’s PS5, that already has a series of rumours present about a development.

Of course, with Microsoft carrying toyed with mid-generation upgrades around Xbox One S and X, there’s no revelation what plan it will adopt for a subsequent console. Will this be another half step that offers behind harmony with prior hardware, or will this be a some-more decisive step forward?

At this point, usually Microsoft knows.

Xbox Two recover date – When could it be entrance out?

A intensity recover window for Xbox Two stays a poser during a time of writing. Xbox One X was a core concentration for Microsoft in 2017, and a exhibit during E3 2018 seems rather doubtful during this point.

In general, a games attention is presaging a 2020 recover date for a Xbox Two, though with no central word from Microsoft, this is all only conjecture formed on past trends and what Sony’s product roadmap is expected to be.

Xbox Two games – What can we design to play?

Microsoft has done a large understanding in new months about creation a Xbox height into a singular cohesive eco-system. This has been achieved in part, with a Xbox Game Pass and Play Anywhere permitting we to entrance a library of first-party calm on both a Xbox consoles and Windows PCs.

Knowing this, we wouldn’t be astounded if Xbox Two is entirely understanding of Xbox retrograde compatibility during launch, embracing all eras of a Xbox brand.

In terms of a hardware it’ll be make-up underneath a hood, it’s probable we’ll see a Xbox Two welcome GDDR6 memory for a GPU (as reported by arguable Microsoft insider Paul Thurrott) as indicated by a new job-listing for a company. This is a customary of memory that’s not even accessible for gaming PCs only yet.

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Xbox Two wishlist  – All a things we’d adore to see

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A stronger disdainful library

When it comes to big-name exclusives, Microsoft has been lagging behind a peculiarity of Sony and Nintendo for some time. Of course, a likes of Forza, Halo and Gears of War continue to impress, though they’re comparatively predicted when it comes to a competition. Here’s anticipating Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2 stone a vessel forward of Xbox Two’s arrival.

But even then, Sony has a list as prolonged as your arm on PS4, with God of War, The Last of Us Part 2, Days Gone, Spider-Man, Death Stranding and so many more. Xbox has an awful lot of throwing adult to do that could take them many years to even be in a conversation.

We’d adore to see Microsoft find new studios or move informed ones into a overlay to rise new and sparkling IP for Xbox. Rumours per this thought have been present in a attention for a while now, so hopefully there’s a small glow to that smoke.

Improved user interface

Despite going by mixed iterations given a 2013 launch, a Xbox One interface can still feel fussy to use. The abandonment of Kinect meant that menus creatively designed with voice navigation in mind had to be redesigned from scratch, and this clearly wasn’t an easy task.

Switching from games to download to your friends’ list and behind has never been a many intuitive, and we’d adore to see Xbox Two residence broach a entirely fledged overhaul. The choice for shortcuts to specific menus or an easier approach to navigate any territory would be great.

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More loyalty to Game Pass

Game Pass has already proven itself to be shining value for gamers. It adopts a streaming indication popularised by Netflix and creates it accessible for games during an affordable price. New exclusives, complicated greats and classics too can be accessed during a hold of a button.

We’d adore to see Xbox Two continue to innovate this model, that we have a feeling Microsoft already skeleton to do. Having entrance to a latest blockbusters on recover for a fragment of a cost binds outrageous appeal.

What would we like to see from Microsoft’s subsequent console? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter @trustedreviews.

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