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Our association has conducted authorised investigate for over 25 years. Today, we offer Versatile Retention on-premises, in a cloud, and now as a SaaS model.

Zasio Enterprises, Inc. is charity a complimentary* information acclimatisation enclosed with a 60-day risk giveaway route of Versatile RetentionTM in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. This will give Records Managers and Compliance Managers a event to send and conduct their influence schedules into a complicated solution.

Versatile Retention is a finish report government and investigate resolution that gives your business sum control over your influence schedule. With some-more than 66,000 U.S. sovereign and state annals influence requirements, this is one of a many strong solutions on a market. It can be a weight to find and approve with a laws that need businesses to keep annals for a certain length of time. Versatile Retention provides a extensive resolution to this business challenge.

Zasio initial expelled Versatile Retention behind in 1998 as an on-premises solution. “Our association has conducted authorised investigate for over 25 years. Versatile Retention is a thoughtfulness of a knowledge and joining to providing leading-edge products in a Information Governance sector. Today, we offer Versatile Retention on-premises, in a cloud, and now as a SaaS indication to yield a business with a pinnacle coherence in deployment options,” pronounced Kevin Zasio, CEO of Zasio Enterprises.

With a SaaS model, we can entrance Versatile Retention anywhere, during any time. There is no program to install, no servers to manage, no updates to apply- all we need is a web browser.

About Versatile Retention

  • Comprehensive Research – Find citations fast by mixed criteria. Use full-text acid on all headers, reference text, and regulated parties.
  • Retention Schedule Creation Maintenance – Create annals influence schedules during a global, company, or dialect level. Link citations to report titles to support authorised subsidy for influence rules. Multinational organizations will advantage from a ability to emanate one master schedule, simply appropriate that countries are lonesome by any report title, and supplement country-specific exceptions to a tellurian rules.
  • Security – Keep agreeable with review story for all report changes and confidence controls to extent access. Plus, we never have to concede confidence for function. Records report information and entrance is cumulative and configurable as user roles change.

To learn some-more about Versatile Retention and to pointer adult for this singular offers, hit Zasio during 1-800-513-1000, choice 1 or email Sales(at)

*Complimentary information acclimatisation theme to analysis by Zasio Enterprises.

Zasio is a tellurian consultant in information governance with concentrations in a areas of information retention, calm lifecycle management, and confirmed disposition. With 30 years of knowledge opposite all business sectors and a tellurian footprint of some-more than 100 countries, a group of experts provides program and consulting services, including needs assessments, recommendations for best veteran practice, tellurian reference investigate and associated program for enterprise-wide information management. In further to normal media formats, a capabilities extend to all core areas of IG: information privacy, amicable media and large information applications, BYOD, cloud computing and other vicious IG areas.

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