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What is a Zerotech Dobby?

Advertised as a “selfie drone”, a Zerotech Dobby is a tiny quadcopter that comes versed with a 13-megapixel camera for snaps and 1080p video recording during 30fps.

Small adequate to fit in a (generously sized) pocket, a Dobby is tranquil around a smartphone app, permitting it to perform a far-reaching operation of tricks in a air. The worker is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, while extract is supposing by a rechargeable 970mAh battery.

It costs around £300 from online retailers such as GearBest.

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Zerotech Dobby

Zerotech Dobby – Design

Zerotech has done utterly a large understanding of a Dobby’s petite size, and with good reason – this worker is tiny when we cruise how feature-rich it is.

In terms of footprint it’s smaller than many mobile phones, though it’s utterly thick so we competence have to consider twice before stowing it in a slot of your skin-tight jeans – fight trousers competence be some-more appropriate.

Four arms overlay out and click into place and on a finish of any you’ll find cosmetic rotors. There’s really an art to opening and shutting these arms, though with my time with a device it never once felt like we could repairs a blades.

The section itself is assembled from a pearl-coloured white cosmetic and weighs in during only underneath 200g with a battery attached. The energy symbol sits on a top, while a bottom is home to a battery compartment.

The battery can be unclipped and placed in a bundled horse for tip up, and stuffing adult takes around an hour. A symbol on a battery can be pulpy to prove how many extract is left; it’s denoted by a bank of 4 immature LEDs.

Also on a bottom of a section you’ll find an visual sensor and ultrasonic call sensor, both of that assistance a worker stabilise itself when used indoors. On a behind of a Dobby you’ll find an LED, and around a whole section you’ll notice a preference of atmosphere vents – these concede a inner fan to keep a Dobby cold when it’s in use.

On a front corner of a device there’s a 13-megapixel camera, that can be manually pointed to one of 6 opposite settings to get a right shot. By default, it faces straightforward, though when a Dobby is in a atmosphere we competence wish it pointed downwards to constraint we on a ground.

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Zerotech Dobby

Zerotech Dobby – Features

Given a Dobby’s subtract as a “selfie” drone, it should be no warn that many of a functionality revolves around photography. The 13-megapixel f/2.2 CMOS lens can constraint shots adult to 4,208 x 3,120 pixels in resolution, producing images of a generally decent standard.

Unlike other drones on a market, a Dobby doesn’t come with a possess remote control; you’ll need Zerotech’s Do.Fun smartphone application, that is accessible for both Android and iOS.

The app uses Wi-Fi to couple itself to a drone, with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz standards being supported. Single, detonate and even time-delayed shots are possible, and once a print is taken it’s stored in a Dobby’s 16GB of inner memory before being downloaded to your handset around a Wi-Fi connection.

Video constraint is maybe a some-more considerable focus for a Dobby drone. 1080p video regulating during 30fps is possible, and Electronic Image Stabilization helps recompense for a rather jerky transformation – something that’s exacerbated when you’re piloting a Dobby in a breezy location.

Naturally, primer control is a tiny jumpy, though there are several involuntary moody programs that we can use to get a smoother shot. One places a worker in an circuit around a specific location; another can lane we as we pierce around.

Face tracking is also supported, though is best indifferent for close-quarters filming. You can also make use of some thespian tracking shots that means a Dobby to vessel elegantly backwards, recording as it drifts divided before returning to a prior location.

During flight, you’re presented with a low-res preview of what a Dobby is observant in genuine time, and regulating a on-screen commands we can control elevation, revolution and movement.

The section uses GPS to lane a locale in propinquity to we and your handset, that means that both belligerent and palm landings are possible. The latter competence sound utterly intimidating though a Dobby’s visual and sonic sensors meant that a rotors are cut off a incentive it detects your hand. It’s also probable to launch a worker from your palm, that is utterly cold – if a tiny frightful during first.

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Zerotech Dobby

Zerotech Dobby – Performance

Given that it’s a consumer-level drone, a Dobby’s opening is impressive. It’s means of drifting to a tallness of around 300 meters above sea spin and progressing a position with a conspicuous grade of accuracy, even when it’s being buffeted by comparatively clever wind.

The on-board Qualcomm Snapdragon processor – total with Zerotech’s library of algorithms honed over a decade of growth – safeguard that a Dobby is a fast flyer. On a downside, it’s rather noisy, so don’t design to use it in open places though being noticed.

When it’s outside, a Dobby uses GPS to lane a position, though indoors this isn’t probable so it relies on visual and sonic sensors, that are located on a bottom of a unit. These will keep a worker fast adult to a tallness of around 3 meters; it’s utterly considerable how accurate a section is when used in this environment.

However, a miss of side-mounted vicinity sensors meant that a Dobby can’t equivocate obstacles such as furniture, light equipment or people, so it should be used with counsel indoors. Optional rotor guards competence be a correct investment, given these will forestall a drone’s blades from apropos shop-worn – or it deleterious something else.

Once we get Dobby adult in a atmosphere and spin accustomed to a controls, it’s probable to take some extraordinary shots – shots that simply wouldn’t be probable though a drone.

You can see a preference of photos taken on a Dobby Drone below.

Zerotech DobbyZerotech DobbyZerotech Dobby

While a camera peculiarity competence not compare that of your smartphone, a fact that you’re means to snap locations from such an towering indicate some-more than creates adult for it.

Video recording, too, is glorious – nonetheless you’ll roughly positively wish to spin on a EIS underline if you’re looking to control a worker manually. This reduces judder on a final video, though be wakeful that it can outcome in black areas around a edges of a final video as a EIS “locks” a picture to stabilise it.

By distant a biggest reduction with Dobby is a stamina. Zerotech quotes around 9 mins of moody time per charge, and as you’d expect, this is being utterly generous. If it’s a breezy day and a Dobby is carrying to recompense to say a position, you’ll notice that a battery drains many quicker. In addition, activities such as recording HD video and holding photos will naturally devour some-more power.

The bundled charging wharf does tip adult a 970mAh battery swiftly, though it goes though observant that if you’re critical about creation a many of this drone, a gangling battery is a must. It competence also be a good thought to deposit in a large-capacity USB energy bank so we can assign Dobby’s spent batteries when you’re out of a house.

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Zerotech Dobby

Should we buy a Zerotech Dobby?

If you’re looking for a mini worker that can take decent photos, a Dobby Drone is a plain choice. The Dobby Drone is a good during all from considerable aerial shots to hands-free selfies and video. For such a tiny device, it offers considerable opening and fortitude when in a air. The large downsides are battery life and cost – during roughly £300, this positively isn’t an incentive squeeze and there are cheaper mini-drones accessible for those that only wish a drifting toy.


Great for selfies, though a Dobby Drone’s bad battery life is an issue.

Thanks to GearBest for provision a Dobby Drone used in this review.

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