Amazon has epic plans for Tomb Raider

Amazon reportedly wants to turn Tomb Raider into a ‘Marvel-like franchise’ with an interconnected universe spanning video games, films and TV series. The Hollywood Reporter says Amazon’s ambitions for Lara Croft go far beyond the agreement to publish the next Tomb Raider video game in the series, which
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Google’s new AI tool makes music from text

Google has built a new AI bot that can create music from text prompts in yet another example of artificial intelligence being used to mimic the arts. The AI application called MusicLM was revealed in a paper published by Google researchers last week, as reported by Business Insider. The 2023 M2 Mac Mini
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Sky Stream vs Sky Q: Which should you get?

Sky doesn’t release much hardware, but when it does, it’s pretty good. The Stream puck and Q set-top box are two products that sit beneath your TV and feed it picture and sound, unlike the Glass TV which does picture, sound and content without needing extra sources. Both Stream and Q fulfil similar requ
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