2014 Best Photography Hosting Company for Photographers Introduced at HostingReview360.com

2014 Best Photography Hosting Company for Photographers

2014 Best Photography Hosting Company for Photographers

The comprehensive web hosting review site HostingReview360.com has introduced the best photography hosting company in 2014 with the purpose to offer reference for photographers in selecting an optimized service to host their image sites with fast speed, easy-to-use tools, affordable price and responsive technical support.

Among the 100+ web hosts reviewed for the award, InMotion Hosting surpasses all the competitors to be the winner. The recommendation is based on the editors’ real experience of hosting an image gallery on the company’s shared platform for more than 3 months.

For small sized photography websites, InMotion has 3 shared packages priced from $7.99/mo regularly. With a more than 50% discount available for new customers going through this exclusive promotional link, the effective price of the packages starts from $3.49/mo. The extras cover at least $275 marketing credits and a 90 days full refund guarantee.

As Softaculous auto installer is offered, each package gives support to the 1-click installation of most popular image gallery applications, including Gallery, Piwigo, Coppermine, ZenPhoto, TinyWebGallery, phpAlbum, 4images, Pixelpost, and so on. The compatibility of all the software is not a problem because the latest versions of PHP and MySQL are installed on InMotion servers.

For the management of the billing information, account information, website files, domains, security, installed software and other related issues, photographers are able to utilize cPanel control panel to complete the process.

InMotion uses 2 data centers to host customers’ websites with the fastest possible server response and page loading speed. With the different data center locations and the Max Speed Zone technology combined, the hosted websites are expected to run up to 6 times faster. The direct connections to world’s major ISP’s and the utilization of BGP 4 smart routing further ensure a fast speed.

In addition, InMotion gives a 99.9% uptime guarantee and backs it with redundant power supply with UPS power and diesel backup generators, high quality Dell servers, and a fully meshed Cisco network.

In the case that webmasters are troubled by unfamiliar technical issues, they are allowed to get assistance from InMotion dedicated support team by sending an email, making a call, or starting a live chat online. The support representatives are 100% in-house and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For detailed information, follow this link to read more about InMotion Hosting.

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