3 Essential Benefits of Managed IT Services for the Education Sector

The author then outlines three key benefits of partnering with an MSP for IT services. These benefits include strengthened cyber security, the ability to expand IT expertise for a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house, and cost-efficient access to updated technology.

“Building a strategic partnership with an MSP allows institutions to move from away break fix mode and transform education in innovative ways,” explained Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies.

Below are a few excerpts from the article, “3 Essential Benefits of Managed IT Services for the Education Sector.”

Top IT Challenges for Education

“Budget constraints create a dual problem. On the one hand, necessary technology upgrades must compete with personnel costs and other projects for a portion of limited funding. On the other hand, increasingly sophisticated technology means schools must compete with better-funded businesses to hire IT staff with the necessary skills.”

Strengthen Cyber Security

“For many schools and businesses, cyber security concerns drive the initial step toward managed services. In recent years, education has emerged as a top target for hackers. Cyber criminals know that schools hold a treasure trove of information. They also know that the education sector typically adopts technology slowly, leaving cyber security woefully underfunded.”

Expand IT Staff for a Fraction of the Cost

“With managed services, schools no longer need to hire and maintain a large IT team. For a reasonable monthly fee, the institution gains access to an entire pool of IT experts who can address a wide range of technical challenges and opportunities. This ensures that the school has access to up-to-date knowledge and best practices.”

Cost-efficient Access to Updated Technology

“In addition to specialized expertise, managed services mean that even small organizations gain the benefits of updated technology. Traditional IT typically brings significant and unpredictable costs, often resulting in organizations delaying technology implementation. And system failures can mean significant downtime.”

Unlock the Benefits of Managed IT Services for the Education Sector with eMazzanti Technologies

Partner with an MSP to drive education innovation while meeting budget constraints. eMazzanti education technology solutions address the unique challenges facing schools, providing critical cyber security, up-to-date technology, and necessary expertise.

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