5 Best Xbox One Games Thus Far

Just as with the PS4, the Xbox One has been with us for quite some time, and in that time has enjoyed a lot of different releases over the almost two years that it’s been out. But the quantity of games doesn’t speak of the quality of games either, so I’ve tried to compile a list of what I believe are the 5 best Xbox One games that have been released thus far.

This list includes games that may or may no be exclusives, but they certainly utilize the platform and showcase the best qualities of the Xbox One. Games that are truly worthy of purchase and might help you enjoy that shiny new console.

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5. Dead Rising 3

Despite being what seemed to be a graphically lackluster release title, Dead Rising 3 made up for what it lacked in the graphical department with a sprawling city full of zombies and nearly a million and one different ways to kill them. The story might not have been the very deep or interesting, and the characters were a bit shallow, but that didn’t take away from the nature of it all, either. Killing thousands of zombies in any way possible. That’s the point of the game and they make no excuses for it. But that’s what makes it so much fun! Zombie killing madness!

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4. Killer Instinct

This is one of the more surprising titles to enter into the not so vast library of Xbox One titles. Killer Instinct introduces us to a very refreshing single player and multiplayer fighting game experience. The number of combos and the relative ease with which they can be performed is astounding. It takes the classic game an its mechanics and takes it to another level. It really is an entertaining title to play. Surprisingly, it’s also one of the better looking games to be released on the Xbox One. The level of detail on the characters to highlight their distinct personalities is fantastic. If ou enjoy a good fight game but don’t want to wait for the next Mortal Kombat, then this is a great alternative.

  • killinstinct5
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  • 1376733186-thunder-mountain
  • killer_instinct_01

3. Ori and the Blind Forest

This is one of the most amazing games I’ve ever played. The story is both beautiful and tragic, it really engages you, and the visual style tops it off to be one of the best games of any generation.  This 2.5D platformer puts you in the role of Ori as you travel through Nibel to restore the forest, to recover the three most precious elements of water, wind and warmth. It’s an almost simple yet exquisitely made games I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy. Not much can really be said. This will certainly get you on an emotional level. And it’s incredibly fun to boot!

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  • ori-and-the-blind-forest-screen-9

2. Sunset Overdrive

This has to be quite possibly the most colorful and creative representation of a zombie apocalypse that I’ve ever seen. Sunset Overdrive is hilariously addictive with a unique and vibrant world that just oozes creativity and fun. But it’s not all about the art direction they chose, either. Being able to put together a host of different and rather bizarre weaponry in order to take down your targets while running, jumping and generally moving lithely in this whimsical third-person shooter makes it a great game to look at. You’ll likely not be disappointed by the level of hilarious engagement that it provides.

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1. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

I can see the comments now, bristling with negativity by even mentioning this title. But despite the multiplayer aspect being effectively broken when it launched, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is still one of the better games you can find on the Xbox One. The remade single player campaigns for Halo’s 1-4 are tremendously fun, even if you’ve recently given these games a play through. Guiding the Master Chief through his destiny as he fights the Covenant, again, is truly a thing to behold. Not to mention the effort put into the remaking of Halo 2, which is an absolutely gorgeous game. Now that the multiplayer matchmaking is fixed and available, the MCC becomes that much more breathtaking of a game. The Halo series is just as fun as it once was, even more so now with updated visuals and a better mutliplayer experience. The only thing that would make it better is if Halo 5 were included as a free update.

  • halo-mcc
  • press-tour-2014-halo-2-anniversary-zanzibar-sniper-perch
  • halo-mcc-arbiter
  • 14556881458_91e79758bf_o-1024x567


Naturally this list is only of the games that I’ve found to be the best example of what the Xbox One has to offer. The best Xbox One games may be different for you, and may not include anything I’ve listed up here.

Definitely let us know what the best Xbox One games are in your world, and tell us which games stole your heart or that truly captivated you, in the comments.


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