AGON by AOC secures number 1 spot as the world’s leading gaming monitor brand

Gaming monitor company clinches the top spot as the world’s leading gaming monitor brand.

LOS ANGELES, May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TPV USA, leading display specialist and North America brand license partner for AOC gaming monitors, proudly announces its position as the world’s number one gaming monitor brand, per the IDC Quarterly Gaming Tracker report for Q1/2024. AGON by AOC has outpaced its competitors to secure the top spot on the global gaming monitor market, thanks to the cutting-edge technologies offered such as MiniLED and DisplayHDR 1400, exceptional performance with refresh rates up to 360 Hz, and unwavering commitment to providing ultimate gaming experience.

James Melendez, CEO and President of TPV USA (AOC) says, “We owe our success to the outstanding support of our fellow gamers and customers worldwide who rely on us to provide exceptional, high-value products. As we expand, our goal is to continue offering innovative, cutting-edge products that cater to the varied tastes of our global gaming community.”

AGON by AOC offers a comprehensive line-up of gaming monitors appealing to a wide range of gamers with its three sub-categories:

  • AOC GAMING: Designed for casual and core gamers, these monitors accommodate players of all skill levels, from content creators and streamers to those who relish the thrill of exploration and adventure. The AOC GAMING line emphasizes the importance of the gaming experience itself, providing diverse options that cater to gamers’ varying moods and interests. This category offers a value-focused approach to delivering high-quality, high-performance monitors to a mass audience of entry-level as well as intermediate gamers.
  • AGON: Tailored to mainstream and hardcore gamers, the AGON line-up serves competitive players who aspire to become heroes in the gaming world, like their favorite streamers or top esports players. With a premium design and extra features, AGON monitors excel in providing a seamless and immersive gaming experience for multiplayer esports titles, such as shooter and MOBA games.
  • AGON PRO: Crafted for high-end gamers, AGON PRO monitors minister to high-level content creators, influencers, and professional esports athletes who demand the best in gaming technology. These individuals are driven by competition, strive to achieve personal bests, and seek superior features, exceptional performance, and unparalleled quality to indulge their passion for gaming. AGON PRO models come with cutting-edge technologies such as MiniLED backlighting to achieve peak 1000 nits brightness, high refresh rates, and pro tools such as NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer. Built-in features such as a KVM switch and USB-C connectivity, improve productivity for content creators and professionals.

AOC Raises the Bar with its Re-Spawned Warranty
AGON by AOC sets the bar for gaming monitor coverage with its Re-Spawned Warranty. AGON and AGON Pro models are covered by an industry-leading 4-year advance replacement warranty that includes a 4-year zero dead pixel guarantee, and 1 year of accidental damage coverage (1 incident per monitor). AOC Gaming (G Series) models are covered by a 3-year advance replacement warranty that includes a 3-year zero dead pixel guarantee, and 1 year of accidental damage coverage (1 incident per monitor).

AGON by AOC sincerely thanks the gaming community and customers for their trust and ongoing support. The brand is dedicated to continuously pursuing innovation and ensuring gamers have access to the best tools to excel in their favorite games.

For more information please refer to AOC’s official website or follow AOC on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

About AOC
Founded in 1967, AOC is a globally leading monitor and IT accessories brand and a subsidiary of TPV Technology Limited, the world’s largest LCD manufacturer. AOC offers one of the world’s strongest portfolios of high-performance gaming monitors and a complete ecosystem of gaming accessories grouped into three categories: AOC Gaming for core gamers, AGON for competitive gamers, and AGON PRO for Esports enthusiasts and professional Esports players. Since 2020 AGON by AOC has been one of the leading gaming monitor brands and a top choice of gamers worldwide.

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