All the key features coming to Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s just unveiled the latest software update coming to Apple Vision Pro, VisionOS 2. Here are all the big features it’s bringing to the table.

The Apple Vision Pro was the last major hardware release from the Californian company, but with Apple’s WWDC event now upon us, the Vision Pro is soon set to get its first big software update.

Just as with the other updates that come to watchOS, iOS and more, it’ll be quite some time before VisionOS 2 is made available to the public but if you want to know what’s come down the pipe then here are the biggest headlines.

Spatial Photo

One of the biggest features the Apple Vision Pro brought to the table was Spatial Video, which lets you watch footage captures on an iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max as if you were right there in the middle of it.

For VisionOS 2, Apple has brought that same concept over to still images with Spatial Photo. Similar to a 3D picture, Spatial Photo creates a left/right depth separation between multiple parts of an image so that any subjects and objects can leap out of the picture towards you.


Immersive Video

Even though Apple kicked off its VisionOS 2 presentation with a focus on photos, it didn’t take long before it circled back around to the thing that Apple Vision Pro does best: video.

Video playback in Apple Vision Pro has typically involved watching film and TV shows on a large, cinema-like screen directly in front of you. As part of VisionOS 2, the all-new Immersive Video feature lets you watch 180-degree footage that encompasses your peripheral vision.

Apple noted that a few companies are looking to produce content specifically for Immersive Video, including extreme sports from Red Bull.

Quick hand actions

This might be a minor tweak but it definitely feels helpful from a quality of life perspective. While wearing the Vision Pro, just lift up your hand and pinch to immediately bring up the home menu, and turn your hand over to get a quick look at the time and remaining battery life.

VisionOS 2VisionOS 2

Train mode

Apple kept things brief when announcing that a ‘train mode’ would be coming to Vision Pro, but it does imply that you’ll soon be able to use the device like you can on a flight, for entertainment and a bit of productivity on the go, except this time it’ll be during your commute.

This is a developing story but when we have more information about VisionOS 2, this article will be updated.

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