Amazon almost made a wearable tracking device for kids

A new report states that retail giant Amazon was reportedly working on a GPS Alexa wearable for kids ages 4 to 12.

Amazon is playing with another way to integrate itself into your household and into your family life, as the company considered working on an Alexa-powered wearable device for children, according to Bloomberg. 

Amazon has, however, come under fire from privacy advocates regarding its other products, specifically Echo smart speakers. 

The device, codenamed Seeker, is a GPS-equipped device that would have had voice activation for Alexa, with the idea that it would allow parents to track and communicate with their children, aged 4 to 12.  

The wearable device, priced at $99 (£71), would have a clip or wristband to ensure it stays on little ones at all times. The idea seemed to be part of another avenue for delivering exclusive Amazon Kids Plus content. 

This would not be Amazon’s first time stepping into kiddie related tech, as since 2018 it has been pushing the Echo Dot Kids Edition, which promised to give parents control over what their children are listening to, as well as setting time limits on the device. 

It is now unknown if the Seeker project will move forward. 

Amazon Echo Dot Kids, with parental controls that allows parents to know what they're kids are listening to.

Bloomberg also reported that Amazon was working with Disney on another wearable for children called the Magic Band. It seems unclear if this device is a toy or has any relation to the guest-tracking Magic wristband that Disney has deployed in its parks which are used by guests to sign in and out of venues and purchase things in the resort. 

The Magic Band could potentially arrive this year, but since there’s very little information to go on at present, it’s better to take this release with a grain of salt.

The two companies already have a good working relationship and have collaborated in various ways. Earlier this year, Amazon started offering its music service subscribers several free months of Disney+, despite running the competitor service, Amazon Prime. 

Trusted Reviews has Amazon for a comment, but a reply has yet to come through at the time of publishing.

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