Amazon Fire TV Stick Launches In The UK For £35

Well we saw this coming: Amazon has launched the Fire TV Stick in the UK.

What you probably didn’t see coming however was the cost: For two days — and if you don’t have Amazon Prime — you can sign up to Amazon Prime and get the Fire TV Stick for £7.

To be honest even if you are a Prime member then it’s £19 while for those who just want to buy it outright? £35.

So what are you actually getting for your £35? Well it’s essentially a cut-down version of the Amazon Fire TV box that the company launched in the UK and is going to be aimed at everyone who’s been eyeing up a Google Chromecast.

amazon fire tv stick

Despite the bite-size packaging Amazon’s crammed a dual-core processor, 8GB of storage and 1GB of RAM.

It’ll stream direct to the TV using dual-antenna WiFi in 1080p Full-HD. What will it stream? Well it will of course stream all of Amazon Prime’s online content including films, TV shows and Amazon’s exclusive pilots. Thanks to the Amazon App Store though it’ll also run Netflix, BBC iPlayer and more.

A neat new trick the Fire TV Stick has is the ability to log in to WiFi networks that have registration walls, invaluable if you’re travelling and want to get through you’re hotel’s WiFi barrier.


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Of course you can’t just have everything for £35, so the Fire TV Stick loses the voice control functionality found on the Fire TV and ditches some of the higher-end Android games.

Both aren’t the end of the world though as you can bring back voice control with Amazon’s new app for Android and iOS while the chances are you’re phone can probably run all of the high-powered games anyway.

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