Amazon is finally updating the Kindle’s interface

Kindle owners can look forward to an overhauled interface on most e-readers released since 2015.

Anyone currently using a Kindle probably hasn’t seen a big update on their device in a while. It’s rare that Amazon updates the operating system of its e-readers.

However, the latest operating system update – version 5.13.7 – is now being made available and will be the first system update of this kind in five years.

Amazon says the update will come for 8th Generation Kindles and above, alongside 7th Generation and above Kindle Paperwhites and Kindle Oasis devices.

Kindle software update

Redesigns for the Home and Library screens, including the ability to change brightness and access All Settings from swiping down on the screen, will be coming in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, coming later this year will be an improved Library and Home experience. This includes new filter and sort menus as well as being able to access up to 20 of your recently read books with a simple left swipe.

The updates have been around since August, but if you haven’t noticed your device updating then it’s because Kindles only update when they’re charging and connected to Wi-Fi.

Which Kindle models will get the new UI?

The updates also aren’t for every Kindle, you’ll need to make sure yours was released in or after 2015. Here is a list of those we know are available to update:

  • Kindle Oasis 10th Generation
  • Kindle 10th Generation
  • Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation
  • Kindle Oasis 9th Generation
  • Kindle 8th Generation
  • Kindle Oasis 8th Generation
  • Kindle Paperwhite 7th Generation

So if you have an older model, like the 2014 Kindle Voyage 7th Generation, you’re out of luck for this new update. You can also check out this link to download the new update manually or check if your older Kindle is up to date.

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