Amazon shops to feature QR code-driven fitting rooms

Amazon reportedly plans to enter the physical retail space with a decidedly high-tech approach to fitting rooms, featuring QR codes and touchscreens.

The online retail giant’s long-held ambitions to move out of the virtual space and onto the high street have been well documented. Now a new report has outlined some of the innovate measures Amazon is looking to implement to improve the shopping experience.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Amazon plans to implement a new browsing and fitting room process that would see the customer scanning all the items they want to try on using their smartphones in conjunction with a QR code system.

Shop assistants would then bring your chosen items to a fitting room for sampling. Once in that fitting room-of-the-future, you would be able to order additional items via an embedded touchscreen, which would be brought to you by said shopping assistants.

Naturally, this being Amazon, there would also be recommendations based on your previous choices.

The report also claims that Amazon has considered the use of automation to help streamline the physical shopping experience. Does this mean robot shopping assistants? The report doesn’t clarify, but our inner 13-year-old sure hopes so, even as the implications for the retail job market provoke a shudder.

Apparently, these Amazon physical retail outlets will focus mostly on the company’s own clothing brands, while also offering a showcase for brands that sell through Amazon’s website.

It all sounds like Amazon is trying to make the classic shopping experience as much like browsing its website as possible. Rejoice/despair, according to your outlook.

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