Amazon’s brand new QLED Fire TV already has a price drop

Amazon’s brand new QLED Fire TV set has already received a hefty price cut.

The online retail behemoth only announced its latest TV set this week, but it’s hit the ground running with an instant deal. You can currently buy this 55-inch 4K TV set for £499 rather than the usual £749.99.

That’s a £250 saving, or 33% off the RRP. Amazon really isn’t hanging around with this one.

Get 33% off the new Amazon QLED 4K TV

Get 33% off the new Amazon QLED 4K TV

The brand new Amazon QLED Fire TV has already received a hefty discount, with the 55-inch model currently selling for £499 – a saving of 33%.

And yes, the company is offering similar savings on the rest of its new TV range. If you’d prefer a smaller TV, both the 43-inch and 50-inch TVs have a similar 30-something percent discount right now, as does the range-topping 65-inch model.

Whichever model you choose, you’re getting an Amazon-built Omni QLED TV set with a 4K Ultra HD output and support for HDR 10+, Dolby Vision IQ, and HFG.

In case you missed our explainer, QLED stands for Quantum dot LED. It’s a form of LCD technology that features a backlight shining into a Quantum Dot filter to produce its colours. The result is an extremely high luminance (QLED TVs get really bright), accurate colours, and a strong contrast ratio (the range between very dark and very light).

As the name suggests, Fire TV is built into these TV sets. This means you’re getting Amazon’s familiar smart interface and Alexa connectivity, granting easy access to streaming content. Amazon’s Ambient Experience can display artwork when you’re not watching TV.

All in all, the Amazon QLED Fire TV at this price is looking to be a bit of a steal.

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