AMD unveils 6000 Series GPU for thin and light gaming laptops

AMD’s CES 2022 presentation brought us a selection of new Radeon 6000 Series GPUs designed for laptop gaming.

The discrete RX 6000S GPU models will ensure you have plenty of graphical power at your disposal without having to lug a concrete slab of a laptop around in your gaming bag.

The RX 6800S, the RX 6700S, and the RX 6600S GPUs are built using the AMD RDNA 2 architecture and the offer the fastest mobile graphics available for AMD-based gaming laptops.

They’re designed to fit inside next-gen gaming laptops than are 20 percent thinner than weigh under 4.5 pounds, the company says. AMD is confident the series will “offer an ideal blend of performance and efficiency for slim form factors.”

The highest-end RX 6800S GPU promises 100W of power and is capable of delivering 1080p visuals at 100-frames-per-second when pushed to its limits. Compared to the competition, AMD says the top model out-performs its competitors by up to 10 percent “across select titles”. There’s also DirectX 12 Ultimate and AMD FidelityFX for more realistic lighting performance.

The 6000 Series GPUs join the 6000 Series processors for laptops, also announced by AMD during its CES offering. They use the new TMSC 6mn manufacturing process, which is an upgrade on the previous generations 7nm process.

AMD reckons they’ll have an 11% single-threaded performance improvement compared to the last offering, while there’ll also be a 28% improvement in multi-threaded performance. They also feature RDNA 2 integrated graphics, which will be capable of ray tracing in laptops that don’t have a discrete GPU at their disposal. They also support USB 4, DDR5 and Wi-Fi 6.

Both sets of components will begin shipping in February and are likely to start showing up in newly-announced laptops imminently.

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