AMD unveils Ryzen 6000-series processors for laptops

AMD has officially unveiled its next generation of laptop processors, entitled the Ryzen 6000 Series.

AMD has confirmed that the new laptop chips will use TMSC’s 6nm manufacturing process, which is improvement on the 7nm manufacturing process used in AMD’s previous generation of mobile processors. A smaller process node allows chip manufacturers to squeeze on a greater number of transistors, typically resulting in a more powerful performance.

But what kind of performance can you expect? AMD claims the Ryzen 6000-series mobile processors see a an 11% single-threaded performance boost compared to the previous generation, and a 28% multi-threaded performance jump.

The new chips will also feature RDNA 2 integrated graphics, which will apparently be the first ray tracing-capable APU ever created. This means you’ll be able to take advantage of the advanced lighting visuals with laptops that don’t feature a discrete GPU.

Of course, it’s going to be a struggle to find many games that you’ll be able to run via integrated graphics at a smooth frame rate with ray tracing activated, but AMD has confirmed that FidelityFX Super Resolution (AMD’s take on DLSS) will be available with all laptops featuring a Ryzen 6000-series processor.

The new Ryzen 6000 Series laptop processors will also feature support for USB 4, doubling the speeds of its USB 3 predecessor. DDR5 and WiFi 6 are both supported here too, increasing the performance ceiling for RAM and internet speeds when using a compatible router.

AMD has revealed that more than 200 laptops are already in the works with a Ryzen 6000 processor packed inside. There will also be a whopping 20 new processors in the new Ryzen 6000-series family, featuring in a large range of laptops from ultra-thin designs to powerful gaming beasts.

The new Ryzen 6000-series laptops will start shipping from February 2022, and you can expect plenty more to arrive throughout the year.

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