Android 15 looks to improve video stabilization on third-party apps

A peek into Android 15 code has revealed new video stabilization tech: Eyes Free.

Mishaal Rahman of Android Authority has spotted something in Android 15 code that suggests new video stabilization tech is on the way, called Eyes Free, which looks like it’ll work with a variety of third-party camera apps on Android.

According to Rahman, every Android camera app is built around the Camera2 API, and as of Android 14, the Camera 2 API supports five extension types: Auto, Bokeh, Face retouch, HDR, and Night. However, Rahman has found a sixth extension type called Eyes Free within the Android 15 code.

Reportedly, Eyes Free is set to be Camera2’s first video capture extension, and it’s meant to “lock and stabilize a given region or object of interest” — says a description. That’s what folks in the videography business call video stabilization.

In simple terms, video stabilization tries to remove unwanted camera movement that might result from, for example, an unsteady hand holding a phone. Eyes Free looks to be video stabilization in the form of a new Camera2 API extension.

As mentioned above, the Camera2 API is the foundation which every Android camera app is built off of, so a new extension could be incorporated into tons of third-party apps, instead of being limited to a particular application.

Rahman notes that such an extension would merely be something that manufacturers could implement, but he goes on to speculate that it may be possible to add Eyes Free support entirely through software, likely by way of a toggle in Android settings. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see.

At the moment, it’s not confirmed if Eyes Free will be a part of Android 15, and even if so whether it will be incorporated into camera apps, but the future definitely looks bright for Android users hoping for better video stabilization tech.

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