Apple extends AirPods Pro repair program an extra year

Apple has quietly extended its repair program for the AirPods Pro amidst ongoing sound issues.

Around a year ago we reported on Apple setting up a repair program to replace faulty AirPods Pro earbuds free of charge. Affected customers reported experiencing crackling or static sounds that seemed to increase in loud environments, when exercising, or while talking on the phone.

Under the program, all you had to do was contact Apple or an Apple Authorised Service Provider to get your buds replaced free of charge.

Initially, the worldwide AirPods Pro service program covered units manufactured before October 2020 for just two years after sale. Now Apple has extended that coverage period to three years after sale.

A Reddit user has pointed out that Apple has updated the related support page to state that: “The program covers affected AirPods Pro for 3 years after the first retail sale of the unit”.

This means that anyone who purchased the AirPods Pro at launch in October 2019 will have until October 2022 to claim a free replacement should the issues manifest themselves.

It’s been a busy week for AirPods news. For one thing, we learned that the AirPods 3 is expected to be announced at Apple’s October 18 launch event.

The second successor to the original AirPods will reportedly learn a few tricks from the AirPods Pro, specifically with regard to its short-stemmed design.

Then it emerged that Apple was looking into using the AirPods as health tools. It seems the company wants to employ its earphones as hearing aids, as well as a thermometer to check your body temperature.

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