Apple Fitness Plus Collections and Time To Run will boost your New Year goals

Apple is giving its Apple Watch-centric Fitness Plus app an update to assist your New Year fitness goals, in the form of Collections and Time To Run audio episodes to accompany your jaunts.

First up is Fitness Plus Collections, which Apple describes as “a curated series of workouts and meditations” designed to help users towards their fitness goals.

The idea is to motivate users to stick at their plan and make “intentional training choices over the next several days or weeks.” Apple says there’ll be half a dozen Collections at launch, which are drawn from nearly 2,000 studio-style workouts.

They are as follows:

  • 30-Day Core Challenge
  • Improve Your Posture with Pilates
  • Perfect Your Yoga Balance Poses
  • Run Your First 5K
  • Strengthen Your Back, Stretch Your Hips
  • Wind Down for a Better Bedtime

Next up is Time To Run, which is a running-centric expansion of the Time To Walk audio sessions Apple launched last year. They were designed to encourage listeners to stay mindful on their walks, while Time To Run episodes will inspire runners with coaching tips from some of Apple’s top trainers.

The initial three episodes are focused on London, Brooklyn and Miami Beach, while there’ll be a new episode every Monday. You will need an Apple Watch and a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Apple Time To Run

In a Newsroom post, Apple writes: “Time to Run on Fitness+ is a new audio running experience designed to help users become more consistent and better runners, with each episode focused on a popular running route in some of the most notable and iconic locations.”

It continues: “Time to Run episodes also feature motivational and energising music, with playlists curated by the Fitness+ trainers. The playlists are designed to match each run’s intensity, location, and coaching, capturing the spirit of the city where the run takes place.”

The Fitness Plus subscription is £9.99 a month, or as part of an Apple One subscription. It features a wealth of of video and audio workouts tracked by the Apple Watch.

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