Apple MacBook Pro M1 and iPad Mini 6s could be in short demand

Rumours are suggesting that Apple products will have issues being shipped in the first few months of next year.

We’re no stranger to the chip shortage at this point, as it’s been affecting a wide range of products, including the new PlayStation 5 from Sony and various smartphone productions.

But it seems that the chip shortage may also affect Apple, specifically the new Apple Silicon MacBook Pro (2021) due to component shortages, as reported by Mac Rumours.

It’s expected that production will be cut during the first half of next year. Other factors are thought to be the decline in working from home and the introduction of another Apple computer in the third quarter of 2022.

The difference in demand structure has changed since the pandemic, since people will start returning to work more over the next year, it’s thought that fewer people will be buying PCs and laptops.

However, Mac Rumour’s analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, believes that the main issue is the shortage of components relating to the power management integrated circuits, which currently can take up to 52 weeks to be delivered.

Kuo claimed that the shipment of the new Silicon-based MacBook will be cut by “approximately 15% in 1H22,” which will likely result in some customers missing out.

The shortage is hitting a lot of PC brands and individual retailers, however, it’s believed to be linked to the ca[acity expansion of Unimicron, which is one of the main IC providers in Taiwan, and the only supplier for the Apple silicon substrate.

This may result in Unimicron trying to secure other non-Apple materials to help cut out the risk.

Kuo also mentioned that the new redesigned Apple MacBook Air should enter mass production during the second half of next year, but since it’s powered by the next-gen Apple Silicon, it will also likely have some production issues.

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