Apple Music bug is infecting users with other people’s playlists

Apple Music subscribers are reporting a strange bug, which replaces their perfectly crafted places with others from random users.

Listeners have taken to the Apple Music subreddit (via 9to5Mac) to complain that songs have been added to their playlists or removed completely. Many have fears their accounts may have been compromised, but that doesn’t appear to be the case, given how many users are experiencing the bug.

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The Apple Music users affected reported feeling spooked by the issue and demanded Apple look into the “very weird and serious issue.” Some users said their account went back six months, while others said “years of playlists” had been “totally trashed.”

The user reported: “It’s almost like my library just got reverted back 6 months or something. So much is completely gone. Multiple personal playlists disappeared and a bunch of random ones appeared. My account wasn’t hacked, I have two factor enabled and nothing else about my Apple account is weird.”

Another said: “I’m getting ready to DJ my brother in law’s wedding reception on Saturday and I just don’t need this drama right now! My family’s iOS devices have been mostly ok, but Apple Music on Apple TV just pretty much broke today.”

A third wrote: “I’m so stressed because my playlists are everything to me.”

It appears the issue might be down to an iCloud syncing bug, but the leaking of other user’s playlists into the library is quite concerning. Some Redditors said they were able to resolve the problem by turning iCloud syncing for Apple Music off and on, deleting the app, and reinstalling from the App Store.

Apple is yet to publicly comment on the matter, despite the first evidence of it appearing more than three weeks ago. Let’s hope it’s resolved in time for the wedding at the weekend!

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