Apple Watch 3 pre-orders are now live – here’s how to grab yours today

It’s easy to see why the Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch around. It’s an ideal companion to the ever popular iPhone, tethering your digital life to your wrist with a stylish twist.

You can do worlds more than simply view your iPhone messages and notifications on the Apple Watch. There’s also health and fitness tracking, built in GPS and a slick reel of apps to keep you busy. It’s probably closer to a superhero’s spy gadget than a timepiece, which is reason if anything to get kitted out with one.

Although prices for the watch don’t seem to shift considerably from retailer to retailer, they do vary depending on which version you intend to buy. Series 1 is the first-gen revamped, Series 2 is the most recent version, and then there’s the all-new Apple Watch 3, which was recently unveiled alongside the iPhone 8 and Apple TV 4K.

Want to get the latest and greatest Apple Watch? Here’s where you can pre-order it in the UK right now – you don’t even have to pay an upfront cost!

Buy Now: Apple Watch 3 at EE from £25 a month – no upfront cost!

Alternatively, all of the strongest deals for the Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 this month are listed below, and we’ll keep this page up to date regularly to make sure it always reflects the latest bargains. No need for endless scrolling, here are all the most worthwhile deals out there right now…

Apple Watch Deals – Series 1 vs Series 2

The Series 1 and Series 2 watches are visually fairly similar. The first series uses stainless steel and sports a sapphire crystal display. Sports editions used anodised aluminium casing, while the Hermes and Watch Edition models are perfect for those with the deepest of pockets.

In terms of features, the latest series offers high levels of water-resistance, a brighter screen and improved performance across the board. Make sure you’re using An iPhone 5 or later in order to be able to use the watch.

Apple Watch Deals – Size options

Consider the size of your wrist and how large or small you would like the watch to appear before you choose a model. While traditional watches are measured horizontally, Apple measures its watch vertically. The smaller size has a 38mm height while the larger sits at 42mm. In terms of function they are identical, although you might find it a little trickier to use the smaller screen on the 38mm version.

Best Apple Watch Series 1 deals

Features for this model include a S1P dual-core processor, splash resident technology, a heart rate sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope, as well as an ambient light sensor, OLED Retina display and up to 18 hours of battery life.

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42mm Apple Watch with Silver Aluminium Case and White Sports Band for £239.97 (Retail price: £299.99)

  • Buy now: Laptops Direct

42mm Apple Watch with Space Grey Aluminium Case and Black Sports Band for £279 (Retail price £299.99)

  • Buy now: Amazon UK

Apple Watch Series Series 1 – available from £269 at Apple

  • Buy now: Apple

Best Apple Watch Series 2 deals

Join Vitality and get Apple Watch Series 2 or Apple Watch Nike+ from £69.

Vitality is a health insurance company that adjusts your monthly premium between £0 and £12.50 depending on your level of activity the previous month. Now there’s some motivation to lose (and save!) those pounds…

  • Buy now: Vitality

38mm Apple Watch Series 2 with Silver Aluminium Case and White Sports Band for £369

  • Buy now: Amazon UK

Apple Watch Series 2 – available from £369 at Apple

  • Buy now: Apple


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