Apple’s quiet release of iTunes 12.6.3 brings back App Store access for macOS and Windows

After pulling access to the App Store via iTunes, Apple has decided to quietly release a version of its music, movies and eBook, and app management software that brings back desktop access to the store. 

With version 12.7 of iTunes, Apple had wanted to streamline its iTunes macOS and Windows experience removing access to the App Store for desktop users, with the idea that iTunes should be more music, movies and eBooks centric and be focused on working well across devices running iOS 11, rather than act as a rather clunky app management hub.

However, this didn’t sit well with some iTunes users, and after a minor backlash Apple paused out version 12.6.3 of iTunes, which effectively retro fits access to the App Store to the latest version of iTunes.

Apple said this was due to some business users needing to use iTunes to push out and deploy apps from iTunes en-mass across their enterprise.

But the retrograde iTunes version is being made available to all, so one could speculate that Cupertino’s software engineers decided that it may be best to have leave app management and access to the App Store in desktop versions of iTunes despite the software being rather long in the tooth when is comes to slick user interfaces.

Some people on various bastions of internet opinion like Reddit welcomed the return of iTunes with App Store access, but other notes that is a backwards step for iTunes and leaves it in a bloated and overly feature-heavy state.

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